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Basic knowledge base communication templates

A knowledge base is a self-service online library containing information about a product, service, department, or any other topic related to the particular company that owns and manages it.

The data and information in a knowledge base can be sourced from anywhere, but usually, it comes from several contributors who are responsible for maintenance and updates. As a general rule of thumb, your company’s representatives should engage in and moderate all conversations conducted in your knowledge base forums.

Multi knowledge base

The topics that are usually covered in a knowledge base range from how-to guides to frequently asked questions about shipping or refund policies.  Generally, knowledge bases contain all kinds of content, including frequently asked questions, troubleshooting guides, and other essential pieces of information for customers and stakeholders.

Customer portal

Knowledge management allows you to create, administer, share, use, and manage a company’s expertise and is designed to be used across all industries. With a solid knowledge management foundation, your organization will be more agile, operate faster, and work more efficiently. In addition to that, your client’s satisfaction will improve thanks to the self-service options that you provide. 

To help you capitalize on the power of knowledge management and to support you with implementing self-service options in your customer support, we have created a set of knowledge base templates.

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Basic knowledge base communication templates

Basic knowledge base communication template #1 – The answer to a question has already been provided by another user


Basic knowledge base communication template #2 – Escalating a forum question to a ticket


Basic knowledge base communication template #3 – Joining an off-topic conversation but maintaining the company voice

The following templates can help you join off-topic discussions about COVID-related subjects, remote work, the latest movie premiere, Netflix series, a scandal in the tech industry, etc. In general these templates can be used to join any conversation that isn’t directly related to your company operations, product, or services.


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Frequently asked questions

How long should a typical knowledge base answer be?

A knowledge base answer should be comprehensive. In some cases, a comprehensive response will mean one or two sentences. Yet, in others, it may mean writing a lengthy post or even escalating an answer into a customer service ticket

What’s important is the aspect of inclusive and accessible communication. When answering knowledge base questions or engaging in ongoing communication, always use language and wording that is understandable for all parties involved. Steer away from using jargon or technical terms. A knowledge base is a tool you create for your users or customers, so it should be valuable and helpful for them.

What’s the difference between a knowledge base and FAQs?

As already mentioned, a knowledge base is usually a part of a company’s help desk platform that contains lots of information about different topics and can be regularly modified by your staff. On the other hand, FAQs have a static form and, as the name suggests, they contain frequently asked questions about a specific topic. The main differences between knowledge bases and FAQs include information architecture, searchability, user experience, and analytics possibilities. 

Based on your company’s needs, you need to assess which of these solutions is a better choice for you. Remember that you can always start with an FAQ then develop it into a fully-fledged knowledge base.

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