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How to end a conversation

When communicating with customers, clients or prospects, finding the right way to break off a conversation is just as critical as a proper opening. In fact, closing an interaction in a professional, polite and respectful manner can actually transform even what may have started as an unpleasant conversation into a positive customer service experience and leave a customer with a good final impression. 

Basic tips for ending conversations with customers

  • Use one or several most common conversation-ending phrases that are relevant to the topic of the interaction (thanking a customer, restating your apology, informing of the next steps etc.).
  • Choose the right vocabulary, tone and style that is best appropriate to your audience. 
  • Adjust your closing statements to fit different support channels. Phone and email conversations typically require a more formal language, while live chat and social media interactions are usually more casual.
  • Avoid using the same closing phrase at the end of each interaction as it might sound too generic and robotic – personalize your message whenever possible.
  • End on a high note by asking a customer if there’s anything else you could help with or encouraging them to get in touch again in the future.
  • Make sure your closing statement is polite, friendly and leaves an overall positive impression.
How to end a conversation
Use our templates to end conversations with customers in a professional and polite way — regardless of the channel you’re using

How to end a conversation – customer service scripts

According to the American Express survey, 68% of consumers believe that a pleasant customer service representative is key to positive service experiences. Below are some of the tried and true examples of how you can end customer conversations in a professional way across various support channels to ensure your customers always get a pleasant experience whenever they interact with you.

How to end a phone call: call-closing statements 

How to end an email: email-closing phrases

How to end a conversation on live chat

How to end a social media conversation

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