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Chat history

Chat history is exactly that and it can be extremely useful in various scenarios. You can use it to check previous customer inquiries, check for data and information, search for previous solutions to an issue. The limit is only in your creativity. View Chat history and all current Chats on one screen. Directly access and filter chat communication according to your preferences. Filter your Chats by TagsDepartments, date, name, etc.

Let’s say that Wendy wants to ask a live chat agent about an issue she experienced a month ago. It was solved but it happened again. The live chat agent can have a quick look at the previous chat conversation and see what the solution was and why it wasn’t permanent. With this information at their disposal, the agent can suggest a different approach or explain what needs to be done differently, so this issue won’t return in the future. 

What you can see in Chat history

  • Name of visitor
  • Name of Agent
  • Visitor’s country
  • Date
  • Time
  • Department
  • Tags

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