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  • E-commerce post-sale customer satisfaction survey templates

E-commerce post-sale customer satisfaction survey templates

Although it sounds obvious, sometimes it’s easy to forget that customers are the cornerstone of every business. As such, it’s extremely important to stay in touch with them– to know how they feel, what they think, and what they value in your products or services. Knowing this will help you improve your offering and boost customer loyalty in the long term. As such, sending out customer satisfaction surveys should be a regular marketing activity, especially if you operate in a market or industry in which the competition is diverse.

E-commerce post-sale customer satisfaction survey templates

At one point or another, we have all seen a customer satisfaction survey, although they are less common than we may think. Why is that? Because most of the surveys that companies conduct don’t focus on the user experience related to their products or services, but rather on obtaining data or figures about customers’ perceptions and brand image. Fortunately, this approach has been gradually changing, and now it’s time for you to hop on the bandwagon.  Let’s learn about satisfaction surveys and see how you can use them in your e-commerce marketing communication.

What is a post-sale customer satisfaction survey?

When it comes to running a business, research is crucial. Research takes on many forms, including market analysis, vendor research, long-form questions, or focus groups that can showcase what your target audience is like, their demographics, economic situations, and interests. However, as customer profiles constantly shift, research should be an ongoing process. By renewing your research efforts on a regular basis, your company will be able to develop, evolve, and become an even more reliable partner for your customers in the long term. So how can you collect the most data? Through satisfaction surveys!

Use our Nicereply integration to embed satisfaction surveys directly into your emails

Satisfaction surveys are a set of questions with the purpose of collecting both quantitative and qualitative data that will allow you to define and measure how satisfied customers are with a product, service, or even the purchase process. Because of their focus, these surveys should be sent to customers after they have made a transaction, visited an online store, or had an interaction with your company.

An embedded satisfaction survey inside of a LiveAgent email

Have you ever made a purchase at a physical store or gone to the movies and then received a survey asking about your experience? That’s what a customer satisfaction survey is. Although they may seem similar to other surveys, the questions asked will depend on the objective they seek to fulfill. 

To make it easier for you to gauge the satisfaction of your customers, we created a few post-sale customer satisfaction survey templates for you to use. Check out the templates below, feel free to copy and paste them, then start measuring the happiness of your clients.

E-commerce post-sale customer satisfaction survey subject lines

  • Thank you for shopping at [online store’s name] – tell us what you think
  • We’re here to ask your opinion
  • We’d love to hear back from you
  • Share your opinion about [product/service]
  • Your opinion means the world to us – please let us know what you think about [online store’s name]

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E-commerce post-sale customer satisfaction survey templates

Post-sale customer satisfaction survey template #1

Post-sale customer satisfaction survey template #2

Post-sale customer satisfaction survey template #3

Frequently asked questions

Should I send a post-sale customer satisfaction survey email after every purchase?

Actually, there’s no one definite answer to that question. You could send a post-sale customer satisfaction survey to the same customer after every purchase they make. However, if your business model involves frequent purchases, or there are segments of clients who buy from you regularly, then it’s not the best idea to send out satisfaction surveys after each order.

Why? Because it may irritate your customers. Imagine receiving exactly the same email from one company a few times per week. You’d get frustrated, wouldn’t you? 

How frequently should I send out post-sale customer satisfaction survey emails?

If your customers tend to purchase your products once or twice a month you can send out post-sale surveys after each purchase. If you have more frequent buyers, you can set a simple rule to, for example, send out a customer satisfaction survey after every second, third, or fourth purchase depending on the sales volume of your e-commerce business. 

Another solution could be sending weekly, monthly, or quarterly post-sale customer satisfaction survey emails that are aggregated. You might also consider including a link to a post-sale customer satisfaction survey in every email confirming a product shipment. However, this solution may result in low submission and conversion rates.

You have to assess the individual case of your online shop and adjust the frequency of post-sale customer satisfaction survey emails accordingly.

Is it unusual to offer customers something in return for filling out a customer satisfaction survey?

It’s quite common to reward customers for their help. Your customers don’t have to spend their time answering your questions – it’s you who’s profiting from the data gathered. As such, it’s a nice gesture to offer your customers something in return. You can provide them with a discount code for their next purchase, offer free shipping, or inform loyal customers about seasonal discounts earlier than the rest of your database, etc.

There are many ways to say “thank you” for filling out a customer satisfaction survey. It’s about bringing additional value to your customers to show them your appreciation.

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