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Product sale email templates

Promotional sales campaigns make it easier for us to convince potential customers to make purchases. To ensure everything runs smoothly, owners of online stores need to prepare annual sales and promotions ahead of time. 

Sales promotion strategies in digital marketing

It’s time to face it: sales are not what they used to be. Today, discounts and promotions happen throughout the entire year, especially in the e-commerce sector. As such, sales no longer seem so special to potential clients, and as a result,  it’s more and more difficult to persuade customers to make purchases.

Before we get started, we need to make one distinction. Although you can get items at reduced prices throughout the year, conceptually they are not the same as full-blown sales. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two:

  • The term discount can be thought of as lowering the price of certain items, generally at the end of a season. Discounts usually happen at certain times of the year. Many countries have special regulations and conditions that business owners must meet when organizing a discount sales promotion campaign.
  • Special offers provide the possibility to obtain articles at a reduced price, but without being subject to sales conditions. For example, you could promote a "3 for the price of 2" offer on a (range of) product(s).
  • Balances are discounted products whose value has decreased due to deterioration, misuse, obsolescence, manufacturing defects, or other reasons.

To find out more about the advantages of sales promotion campaigns, check out our  Pre-sale Email Templates.

Email template customization
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To propose a sensible strategy for sales or specific discounts, you have to circle back to the rest of your marketing plan and ask yourself what you want to achieve. 

One of the most important elements of a sales promotion campaign is email marketing. Using emails for promotions is theoretically very easy: images of products and info about discounts should do it, right? The reality is not so simple. Every promotional message should be part of a broader strategy of building relationships with your customers. That’s why it’s very important to know how to perfect the design, tone of voice, frequency, and creativity of offers so that they bring the desired results.

We’ve gathered five powerful product sale email templates to help you communicate with potential clients and inform them about your next big sale.

Product sale email template subject lines

  • HURRY, or you might miss out!
  • Our sales campaign starts in 3…2…1…
  • Get [X]% off!
  • [X] days of great deals left…
  • [X]% off EVERYTHING
  • Up to [X]% off
  • Get our best products for crazy low prices
  • [Season] sale – up to [X]% off
  • Our prices have just dropped. Don’t miss out
  • Say “hi” to lower prices at [company]
  • The best day ever…
  • Pssst…hey, you – yes, you! A new sale has just started on our e-shop

Product sale email templates

Product sale email template 1

Product sale email template 2

Product sale email template 3

Product sale email template 4

Product sale email template 5

Product sale email templates – Frequently asked questions

How many sales promotion campaign emails should I send during one campaign?

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There are many aspects that may influence your final decision. The first is the duration of the campaign. Second, your domain reputation, and previous campaign statistics (open rate, click-through-rate, and bounce rate). And lastly, the feedback from your database. Always listen to your customer’s feedback. In case they start replying to your emails saying that they don’t want to receive emails from you any longer, you should immediately remove them from the applicable mailing lists.

How long should a sales promotion email be?

Opened email with appreciation and gift

This type of email can be longer than the most simple, informative emails that you send. You’re conveying a message, also trying to catch the recipient’s attention. Allow yourself to use more sales heavy, descriptive language, and present examples– use images, and write catchy headlines. 

What other channels, apart from email, can I use to advertise a sales promotion campaign?

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As powerful as email marketing is, you should never count on one communication channel alone. Make sure that you plan creative social media posts and leverage social media ads. Depending on your target audience, you may also want to use SEM like Google Ads. Display campaigns and pop-ups might bring great results too.

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