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Rejection letter templates

As much as every business wants to please their customers each and every time, it’s not always possible to say yes to all customer requests. Embracing the idea that the customer is always right makes it harder to figure out how to say no to customers without disappointing or losing them. However, when a customer demands something that is not available, unreasonable, or simply impossible to provide, everyone involved in direct interactions with customers should be perfectly aware of how to say no to customers in a polite way. 

How to say no to customers without losing their business

How to say no to customer requests or demands without making customers angry, frustrated, or disappointed? Here are some basics to keep in mind whenever you have to write a rejection letter to your customers or prospects.

  • Reframe the ‘no’ using positive language, which is the only communication you should use when writing a rejection letter.
  • Keep a simple rejection letter format: show appreciation, break the news, tell why, offer help, close on a high note.
  • Use empathy statements to show you understand a customer’s feelings (i.e. I totally understand that …, I know how frustrating it must be …, etc.)
  • Always provide a dedicated explanation of why you are not able to fulfil a customer’s request (i.e. something goes against company policy).
  • Assert your refusal without giving false promises to customers (i.e. don’t promise to implement a feature in the near future, if you are not really planning to do that).
  • Find the closest alternative, if possible. Even if it won’t work for the customer, they will still appreciate your effort.
  • Make sure a customer understands you are saying no to their request, not to them personally.
  • If things change, follow up with the customer to let them know you are now able to fulfill their request.

How to say no to a customer: 7 Rejection letter templates

Whether it’s a fear of a bad reputation, ruining your relationship with a customer or completely losing their business, rejecting customer requests can be challenging, if you don’t know how to do it in a professional way. In fact, learning how to say no is an essential skill, especially for those working on customer-facing positions. Below are some standard rejection letter templates you can use (and personalize) for your customer interactions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a rejection letter?

A rejection letter is a formal letter to inform an applicant that he/she will not be hired.

What do you say in the rejection letter?

The letter should briefly summarize the principal reason for not hiring an applicant. The letter should end with a thank you note. Moreover, the rejection letter should be sent within a week of the interview.

How do you write a good rejection letter?

The letter should be addressed to the applicant and written in the third person. It should be professional, polite, and brief.

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