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Abandoned shopping cart email templates

Abandoned shopping cart has always been one of the biggest challenges that online retailers have had to face. In fact, Statista revealed that the global shopping cart abandonment rate was 69.57% in 2019. Such a high shopping cart abandonment rate equates to a lot of potential revenue loss for many businesses.

While it’s impossible to entirely eliminate cart abandonment, you can minimize it with a number of key tactics and strategies such as making the checkout process as easy as possible, offering proactive live chat support on your checkout page, and sending out abandoned cart emails to those who struggle to complete the checkout process.

Why send abandoned shopping cart emails?

Abandoned shopping cart email templates
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Abandoned shopping cart emails are one of the most efficient, revenue-generating emails marketers can send to their prospects. According to Moosend, 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened, 21% of all cart abandonment emails are clicked, and 50% of those clicks lead to a recovered purchase. This means that you can bring back almost 11% of shoppers by simply reminding them about their abandoned carts.

5 best strategies to use in your abandoned shopping cart emails

  1. Catchy subject line: 64% of people decide if they will open an email solely based on the subject line. Make sure to create killer subject lines as it might be your only chance to attract your customer’s attention in a flooded inbox.
  1. Personalization: Personalized emails always have better open and click rates. Abandoned cart emails can be personalized by addressing the customer by their name and listing the items they left in their cart. 
  1. Timing and frequency: Consider building a three-email sequence to re-engage with abandoned shoppers, and set the first email to send out within the first-hour of cart abandonment. A study by Barilliance found that sending your first email during the ideal time can result in a 20.3% conversion rate.
  1. Low-commitment CTA: Give a clear call to action while avoiding high friction words like ‘buy’ and ‘pay’. Instead, it’s recommended to use lower commitment alternatives such as ‘Return to your cart’, ‘View my cart’, ‘Take another look’, etc.  
  1. Social proof: With 91% of people regularly or occasionally reading online reviews, social validation is proven to affect online purchasing decisions. Use reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility and convert the unconvinced.
Abandoned shopping cart example - Sephora
Shopping cart abandonment email by Sephora

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Subject Line Ideas

  • We saved the items in your cart for you.
  • You left some stuff in your [Company name] shopping cart.
  • The items in your cart are waiting for you.
  • [Name], your cart is about to expire.
  • 3…2…1 Time is running out. Grab your [product name] now!
  • Only a few [product name] left, [Name]. Get yours.
  • Hey, it’s almost sold out.
  • Get [product name] while it’s still available.
  • Are you gonna make it? Your cart expires soon.
  • Cart expiring in 10…9…8…
  • You are about to lose your cart…
  • We might be unable to hold on to your cart, final call!
  • [Days] left: save your shopping cart now.
  • Almost there…
  • Did you forget about me, [Name]? 😱
  • [Name], your cart is wondering where you went.❤️
  • Your cart MADE us send this reminder. 🙂
  • Does this cart belong to you, [Name]?
  • [Name], don’t let [product name] get away from you.
  • [Name], we heard you were interested in [product name].
  • [Name], should we hold [product name] for you?
  • Hey, [Name], where did you go?
  • You’ve come so far, [Name], don’t give up!
  • Come back and save big. Discount inside!
  • X% off my shopping cart? Yes, please!
  • [Name], free shipping for your cart items!
  • Complete the purchase and get X% off.
  • Take X% off your cart before it’s gone. 
  • Would X% off your cart seal the deal?

10 Abandoned Shopping cart Email Template Examples

Crafting attention-grabbing cart abandonment emails that convert can be a challenge. Here are 10 basic abandoned shopping cart email templates that you can use in your email marketing campaigns to improve your cart abandonment rate and win back prospects and customers who abandoned their baskets.

The ‘Happy to help’ email template

The ‘Free shipping’ email template

The ‘Discount offer’ email template

The ‘The final countdown’ email template

The ‘Grab this offer’ email template

The ‘Check these out’ email template

The ‘See what people say’ email template

The ‘We’ve saved your items’ email template

The ‘Great choice’ email template

 The ‘Back to your cart’ email template

Abandoned shopping cart email templates – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to reduce the cart abandonment rate?

Journey mapping

There’s only one answer to this question, and the answer is yes! According to data on shopping cart abandonment, e-commerce brands lose $18 bn in annual sales revenue because potential customers leave stores without completing orders (source). In addition to reducing the cart abandonment rate, you should also focus on creating and implementing a thorough cart abandonment strategy.

What is the average cart abandonment rate?

Abandoned shopping cart email templates

It may come as a surprise, but the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is almost 70%. Every 7 out of 10 potential clients don’t finalize the purchase process (source). This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to reach that benchmark, but you can rest assured that it’s a normal challenge that every e-commerce business has to face. 

How many “come back to your shopping cart” emails should I send?

Email forwarding with arrow pointing to the right direction

Send one email reminding a potential client about the items in their cart,  but don’t be too pushy or spammy. After all, you don’t want any valuable contacts to unsubscribe from your marketing communication simply because you’re too pushy.

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