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Use attributes in format region_from and region_to= to change the languages showing in language switcher.
Available regions are:
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europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

Call follow-up email templates

Most salespeople would never think about using email templates when they start their career in sales. Instead, they use “basic” sales strategies: making calls, confirming appointments, and going through company updates. But when it’s time to send a follow-up email to a prospect, momentum stops. They pause and think: “okay, what should I write?”

Sales and business email marketing is a complicated game. After all, an email is just a one-way stream of information that awaits a response. And as the data indicates, most sales emails are simply ignored. However, email marketing still remains an invaluable sales strategy. What’s more, some prospects use email for communication only.

That’s why every sales representative should know how to leverage the power of email and how to write an effective follow-up message. In this guide, we’ll focus on composing an email following up a sales call.

Call follow-up email – why is it so important?

A follow-up email should be an integral part of any sales process that involves contacting clients over the phone

But what is it exactly? 

There are two types of call follow-up emails. The first is an email sent to a prospect immediately after a call. In such a message, you should summarize the conversation, mention the next steps that you both already agreed on, and set a timeline. The second type of call follow-up email should be sent only if your contact doesn’t reply to your first message, or hasn’t contacted you for a while after a brief initial reply. 

Call follow-up email templates
Email follow up in LiveAgent

It’s important to send a follow-up email after a call. Otherwise, a conversation with a prospect becomes just another chit-chat that hasn’t brought any value and won’t result in sales. It’s basically guaranteed that without a follow-up message, your contact will forget about your call. Even if you do call them again later, your second conversation won’t have as great an impact as the first one could have had.

Call follow-up email template subject lines

  • It was nice talking to you [name]!
  • Thanks for finding the time to talk to me
  • Here’s what we agreed on during our call on [day]
  • Summary of our call on [day]
  • Thanks for taking the time to speak to me today, [name]
  • It was so nice to meet you, [name]
  • Thanks for discussing your concerns about [one of your prospect’s challenges] with me
  •  I’ve just left you a message

Call follow-up email template examples

When you want to sum up a meeting

When you want to arrange a meeting

When you want to promote your product or service directly

When your prospect hasn’t picked up the phone

When you need to postpone a call

Call follow-up email template – Frequently asked questions

When should I send a call follow-up email?

Resolution time

Try to send a summary email (listing the next steps and any agreements made during a call) within an hour after the conversation. If you are unable to send such a message right after your call, then do so up to one business day after the call. If you establish any next steps during the call that require engagement from your prospect’s side, give them time to complete those actions. 

If your prospect doesn’t appear to take any steps in the right direction, send them a follow-up two to three days prior to the deadline to remind them about your agreement.

Should I suggest scheduling another call or continue communication via email?

Online chatting app

It’s best to let your prospect decide on their preferred communication channel. You can ask your contact in a call follow-up email if they want to hop on another call or discuss the next steps via email. If they let you decide, then simply choose the best option for yourself.

When should I stop emailing a contact after a call?


If your prospect ignores up to three emails within two weeks, it’s best to stop contacting them for a while and observe whether they react to your communication in any way. If they don’t, wait two weeks and try to send two more call follow-up emails. If this doesn’t work, you shouldn’t contact that person again.

Ready to put our call follow-up email templates to use?

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