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Invitation email templates

How can you promote a customer portal and encourage your clients to join it? One of the most efficient ways is to simply email them, informing them about the existence of the platform.

Don’t forget to list the benefits of joining your customer portal and include a clear call to action to achieve the best results.

What is an invitation email? Why is it important?

An invitation email is a message informing your clients or users about the availability of your customer portal, encouraging them to join the platform. You should send this type of email to every customer who is eligible to join the customer portal.

Invitation email templates
Example of an invitation email

It is vital to send your customers invitation emails. Otherwise, they may not know that the platform exists and that they can join and take advantage of it. 

Considering the amount of work it costs to create a customer portal, and how valuable this resource is for clients and users, it’s worth going the extra mile to promote it.

Invitation email subject line examples

  • Want to make the most out of [product/service]? Join [customer portal]
  • Join [customer portal] now 
  • [customer portal] is waiting for you
  • Did you know that there’s a [customer portal] available for all our clients?
  • It’s time you joined [customer portal]
  • We don’t want to brag, but users love our [customer portal]
  • Here’s why you should join [customer portal]
  • You’re invited to join our portal!
  • We’ve added new modules to [customer portal]. Join it now and check them out!
  • Get to know all the features and possibilities that [product/service] brings
  • We built it for you to grow and learn new things about [product/service]

Invitation email ideas

Invitation email template 1

Invitation email template 2

Invitation email template 3

Invitation email template 4

Invitation email template 5

Invitation email template 6

Invitation email template 7

Invitation emails – Frequently asked questions

How should an invitation email look?

Invitation email templates

An invitation to join a customer portal should attract the recipient’s attention right away and convince them to make the effort to create an account. That’s why making it visually appealing by using an HTML-based email template is a good idea.

How many follow-ups of an invitation email should I send?


Two follow-ups sent within one week are more than fine. However, remember not to be too pushy and to observe the reactions of recipients. If they ask you to stop sending them messages, just do so.

If a new customer doesn’t join your customer portal after you’ve sent them one or two messages, it may mean that you’re not successfully communicating the value of the platform.

When should I send an invitation email?

Resolution time

Ideally, you should send an invitation email after a few days (or weeks, depending on the complexity of your product/service) after a customer starts using your product/service. Lead them through the onboarding process first, then let them get to know your product and absorb all of the available information. Once the new client is more familiar with your products, invite them to join your customer portal, which they can use to solve more complex challenges related to your product/service and share their knowledge with other users.

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