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Use attributes in format region_from and region_to= to change the languages showing in language switcher.
Available regions are:
europe_from europe_to
asia_from asia_to
mideast_from mideast_to
america_from america_to

europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

Content email templates

There are many types of content that you can publish on your own website or on other platforms. You can leverage some types of content to gain new followers or attract potential customers’ attention, while other types of content can be used to build relationships with existing clients.

Some examples of the former are gated content and newsletter sign-ups, which require the user to provide you with their contact information such as their email address to be able to access the full article or report. This means that you must provide some valuable content in exchange for their contact information. You can then use their contact information for future marketing campaigns, with the knowledge that they are already interested in certain products or services that you offer.

The latter types of content, which target your existing customers, include blog posts, webinars, case studies, and external articles or brand mentions. It’s important that as many people as possible read, watch, or listen to your new content since its main purposes are to drive traffic to your site and improve customer loyalty.

LinkedIn webinar sneak peek email template

One of the best ways to do this is to send content emails to inform your clients about their existence. Whenever you create any of these types of materials, you should email relevant users in your database – including those who recently signed up for your newsletter email updates.

To make this process quicker and easier, it’s a good idea to use content email templates. We will provide some examples of email templates that you can use for each different type of content, but let’s start with the basics first.

What is an email template?

An email template is a framework that you can use to write your email message by merely changing the proposed content with your own. They allow you to quickly and easily create content email marketing campaigns by simply replacing a part of the text and other message elements to match your brand persona.

Content email templates save you time and effort since you only need to modify the relevant parts instead of having to write an email from scratch. This gives you more time for creativity and writing new content. Furthermore, there is a reduced need to check the formatting or for errors, as the template will help keep everything consistent and reduce the chances of making mistakes.

Email template customization
Customize email templates in LiveAgent

Personalized and consistent content emails

Personalizing content emails can help with improving key metrics such as the click-through rate, which is defined as the percentage of recipients who follow a link in an email to an external site. You can increase this metric by up to 27% simply by sending an email addressed to the recipient by name (source).

This is the simplest form of personalization. Tailoring your content emails to specific clients can help create a lasting customer experience. This can, in turn, lead to an increase in trust and loyalty to your brand. Furthermore, 74% of marketers agree that personalization helps increase engagement (source).

Sephora win-back email
Sephora’s personalized emails

Personalization is widely agreed to be the future of marketing. You can increase the impact of your strategy by sending tailored content and emails to specific segments of your user database. Presenting people with materials that are most interesting and relevant to them will also help improve the customer experience that you provide even further.

One advantage of using templates is that they will help you maintain a consistent design appearance. Your audience may expect some common aspects of your emails like colors, fonts, and layout to always remain the same. Doing so helps recipients to associate the consistent style of your communication with the brand, so your emails will stand out in crowded inboxes.

The posting schedule of content emails should also be consistent, except must-read emails, which are sent immediately when some important news needs to be shared. This helps create familiarity with recipients who can know when to expect your messages.

Anchored text that directs readers to your website from external sources, called backlinks, can also help increase web traffic and build brand awareness. Backlinks also contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), which results in your website appearing in a higher position for keyword queries on search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google.

Content that isn’t published on your page, like on social media, in a separate document, or on an external blog or website, should therefore always include backlinks when possible. The content emails that you send to inform your subscribers about your new material should also include links to your website as applicable.

If your brand is mentioned by an independent organization, but there is no backlink to your website, then you should email the author or the owner asking if they could update it to include a relevant anchor. You might even suggest what the text could be, to make the process easier for the other party.

Finally, if you find a broken link on the web page of a respected authority figure that you would like a backlink from, you can email them suggesting a relevant replacement anchor that directs to your own site. 

Content email subject lines

Gated content email subject lines 

  • Here’s the [eBook/white paper] you requested!
  • Great content waiting for you inside, as promised
  • Check out our video for tips on solving [pain point]
  • We’re hosting a live video, and you’re invited to watch
  • Welcome to the [topic] course from [company name]
  • Thanks for signing up to receive our [daily/weekly/monthly] emails about [topic]

New blog post email subject lines 

  • You’re not the only one who is struggling with [pain point]…
  • Tired of not getting the desired results? We’re here to help
  • Don’t miss out on these great tips for achieving [objective]!
  • Have you heard this trick for [task]?
  • Open up to find out how you can achieve [objective]
  • Haven’t got the time for [task]? These [X] tips will help

Webinar sneak peek subject lines

  • Save the date – your invite to [company]’s webinar on [topic]
  • You won’t want to miss the upcoming [title] online event
  • Sign-up complete! Here’s what to expect…
  • [Title] webinar registration confirmation and insights
  • Reminder: our online event takes place [today/tomorrow/this week]
  • Don’t forget about the upcoming [company] webinar!

Newsletter sign-up email subject lines 

  • Hi there, you’re all signed up
  • Welcome to the [title] newsletter
  • Open up for the [content] that you requested
  • Now that you’ve subscribed…
  • Your sign-up is complete, so how about these other [content]
  • [Company] newsletter subscribers are also interested in…

Case study email subject lines 

  • A case study about how [product/service] can help you with [pain point]
  • Look at what we achieved together with [name of existing client]
  • Why you should give us another go: a case study
  • Do you remember trying [product/service]?
  • We’d love to write a case study about what we achieved together!
  • Let’s share the story about your time using [product/service]

Externally published article email subject lines 

  • Read my new article, [title], hosted by our partner
  • Do you want to know more about [topic]? We’ve got it covered
  • Check out our new article over at [external publisher’s name]
  • Read all you need to know about [topic]
  • Will you publish our article, [potential publisher’s name]?
  • We’ve got a great idea for a piece about [topic] that you’re going to love!

New brand mention email subject lines 

  • Check out our mention in [external publisher’s name]’s new [article/blog post/other content]
  • Read more about the subject of [topic] over on our partner’s site
  • Could you please include a backlink to [company] in [title]?
  • Thanks for the mention! Here’s a link that you could add…
  • Request to change the anchor text mentioning our company in [title]
  • Would you be able to update this backlink?

Must-read email subject lines 

  • Important [company] update inside
  • Must read: a statement about [issue]
  • Please find an important update from [company] attached
  • News about [issue] alongside this message
  • Visit our [website/blog/other sources] for an important announcement
  • Statement from [company] about [issue]: follow the link inside

Content email template ideas

Gated content email templates

Gated content email template 1 – subscription confirmation

Gated content email template 2 – link to video

Gated content email template 3 – email series

New blog post email templates

New blog post email template 1 – empathetic about a pain point

New blog post email template 2 – arousing curiosity

New blog post email template 3 – how to achieve a certain objective

Webinar sneak peek templates

Webinar sneak peek email template 1 – invitation with preview

Webinar sneak peek email template 2 – registration confirmation with insights

Webinar sneak peek email template 3 – reminder with a video trailer

Newsletter sign-up email templates

Newsletter sign-up email template 1 – welcome from a person

Newsletter sign-up email template 2 – content in exchange for subscribing

Newsletter sign-up email template 3 – promoting additional content

Case study email templates

Case study email template 1 – results of using a product or service

Case study email template 2 – try a product or service again

Case study email template 3 – requesting participation

Externally published article email templates

Externally published article email template 1 – focus on the topic

Externally published article email template 2 – spotlight on a publisher

Externally published article email template 3 – pitching an idea

New brand mention email templates

New brand mention email template 1 – inform clients about referring content

New brand mention email template 2 – asking for a backlink to be added

New brand mention email template 3 – request to fix or update backlink or anchor

Must-read email templates

Must-read email template 1 – announcement in the body of the message

Must-read email template 2 – statement attached

Must-read email template 3 – link to an external source

Content email templates – Frequently asked questions

What the ideal length of a content email?

Your email should be a couple of short paragraphs, ranging from 75 to 150 words, and should be easy to skim and understand at a glance.

Why should you send content emails?

Content emails are best for content marketing campaigns. They can help you attract new clients or increase sales and conversions.

What should I include in a content email?

In a content email, you should include a personalized greeting that makes your customer feel appreciated. Moreover, you should then follow up with a reminder of your product or service and a strong CTA.

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