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Feature request response email templates

If you are in a SaaSbusiness,chancesareyougetfeaturerequestsfromcustomersallthetime.Featurerequestsaremessagesthatcustomerssendtoinquireaboutafeaturethatisnotincludedinyourproductorservice.Receivingfeaturerequestsshouldnotbeviewedasnegativefeedback.Infact,itmeansthatyourcustomerscareenoughtosharetheirideasonhowtheythinkyoucouldimprove your product or service.

However, many of those requests will not always align with your company vision or make sense for the majority of your customers. Regardless of if you’re going to implement the requested feature, you still need to respond to customers in a professional way and ensure your message leaves a positive impression. Here are some of the best ways to respond to customer feature requests, including those that don’t fit into your product roadmap, or might be possible but are not going to be implemented in the immediate future.

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How to respond to feature requests from customers

  • Thank customers for the time they took to reach out and share their feedback with you.
  • If you are not planning to work on a requested feature in the near future, be transparent and honestly admit that it’s not on your current roadmap.
  • If you are already working on a requested feature, avoid giving an exact ETA as it might be hard to manage customers’ expectations in case you fail to deliver it on time.
  • If you are considering the possibility of implementing a requested feature, let customers know you are going to get back to them if and when it gets built.
  • If a customer is inquiring about a feature that has been removed, provide an honest explanation of why it has been done to help them understand your decision.
  • Be helpful by offering a workaround, if possible (a different feature that serves a similar function), or an alternative solution (e.g. an integration with another app that works well with your product/ service).
  • Invite customers to reach out again if they have other questions or feedback.
Feature request response email templates
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7 Feature request-response email templates

Managing feature requests can be challenging. While there isn’t a perfect way to reply to all customer feature requests as it largely depends on the context, here are 7 feature request-response email templates that can help you craft your own responses in an efficient way while ensuring your customers remain satisfied with your answer even if you have to reject their request.

Saying ‘no’ to feature requests

Email template #1

Email template #2

Saying ‘yes’ to feature requests

Email template #3

Email template #4

Saying ‘maybe’ to feature requests

Email template #5

Email template #6

Responding when a feature has been removed

Email template #7

Feature request-response email – Frequently asked questions

What is a feature request?

If users find any bugs or require enhancements from a product, then they can notify the manufacturer by submitting a feature request.

How do you respond to a feature request?

Reply to all customers who submit a feature request by asking if they can describe the feature/bug in greater detail. If the request is specific, then you can add it to your development roadmap.

How do I track a feature request?

You can get feature requests as tickets in help desk software. In LiveAgent you can prioritize it and set a due date for solving it.

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