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Migrating from SpiceWorks?

Migrate from SpiceWorks to LiveAgent and transfer your help desk tickets to a new customer support solution. LiveAgent offers everything you need to start providing the best customer support and reach more people through important communication channels. 

Stay tuned for more information about our migration plugin, as our developers are currently working on it. Keep reading and find out what are the benefits of switching to LiveAgent or start your free 14-day trial today

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SpiceWorks vs LiveAgent comparison

Features Liveagent SpiceWorks
Contains a management tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests.
LiveAgent offers ticketing.
SpiceWorks offers ticketing.
Live Chat
A real-time chat widget that you can place on any website.
LiveAgent offers Live Chat.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer Live Chat.
Call Center
A call center that can be used to make and receive calls using automatic call distribution.
LiveAgent offers Call Center.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer Call Center.
A feature that enables you to build a customer portal that your customers can register for to access their past tickets and knowledge base content.
LiveAgent offers Self-Service portal.
SpiceWorks offers self-service portal.
A Facebook integration that fetches all comments and mentions and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer all comments and mentions from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers a Facebook integration.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer a Facebook integration.
A Twitter integration that fetches all mentions and comments and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer Tweets directly from the software.
LiveAgent offers a Twitter integration.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer a Twitter integration.
An Instagram integration that fetches all comments and mentions and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer all comments and mentions from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers a Instagram integration.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer a Instagram integration.
A Viber integration that fetches all messages and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer and broadcast Viber messages directly from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers a Viber integration.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer a Viber integration.
Knowledge Base
A knowledge repository that contains essential information, including troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and how-to-articles.
LiveAgent offers knowledge base.
SpiceWorks offers knowledge base.
Customer Forum
An online discussion board for your customers that's located directly within your knowledge base.
LiveAgent offers customer forum.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer customer forum.
Automation and Rules
Workflows that you can automate to eliminate repetitive tasks.
LiveAgent offers automation and rules.
SpiceWorks offers automation and rules.
A set of functions that allow different applications to work together.
LiveAgent offers API functions.
SpiceWorks offers API functions.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
A technology that allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before talking to a human operator.
LiveAgent offers IVR features.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer IVR features.
Video Calls
A call that contains video, similar to Skype, Zoom, or Facetime calls.
LiveAgent offers video calls.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer video calls.
Unlimited History
Tickets don't expire or delete-- you can view them at any time.
LiveAgent offers unlimited history.
SpiceWorks offers unlimited history.
Unlimited Websites
You can use the software on an unlimited number of websites.
LiveAgent offers unlimited websites.
SpiceWorks offers unlimited websites.
Unlimited Chat Buttons
You can place an unlimited number of chat buttons on your websites.
LiveAgent offers unlimited chat buttons.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer unlimited chat buttons.
Unlimited Tickets/Mails
You can receive an unlimited number of emails and tickets.
LiveAgent offers unlimited tickets/mails.
SpiceWorks offers unlimited tickets/mails.
Unlimited Call Recording
Record every call that’s made or received and playback the recording at any time.
LiveAgent offers unlimited call recording.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer unlimited call recording.
Unlimited 24/7 Support
Customer support is offered 24/7 without limiting the number of queries you can submit.
LiveAgent offers unlimited 24/7 support.
SpiceWorks doesn't offer unlimited 24/7 support.
Contact fields feature in Customer service software - LiveAgent

Switch to LiveAgent today

Migrate to a ticketing system capable of handling all important customer channels. Provide amazing customer support and get back up from our help desk experts along the way. LiveAgent offers a variety of tools, features and integrations for a fair price that won’t ruin your budget.

What kind of data can we migrate?

We’ll make sure to gather and transfer all the help desk info you need 

ticket thread


All of your customer communication

Contacts - icon


Full contact lists and agent data

Tags - icon


Tags and notes won’t be left behind

customer feedback satisfaction rewards


Customer feedback and ratings 

Create an enjoyable experience for everyone

Our ticketing system handles every important customer communication channel. Email, live chat, call center, customer portal, Viber, or social mediaFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can choose what you want to use to communicate with your customers and handle things your way.

Predefined answers in Customer satisfaction software - LiveAgent

Solve helpdesk tickets from multiple channels

LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software
Animated Gifs in help desk ticket answers - LiveAgent

A helpdesk software that supports you

Every tool in LiveAgent is supported by over 125 features that you can use to create smooth workflows and ease your load. Filtering, tagging, intelligent sorting – it’s all there. You can also connect apps you use thanks to over 140 integrations. Have a look at the full list of features and integrations.

Pioneering software

Did you know?

Established in 2006, LiveAgent was the first solution on the market to offer live chat and help desk capabilities. As of 2021, LiveAgent is the best rated and most reviewed help desk solution on the market, serving over 150 million users and 40,000 businesses worldwide.

Did you know?

Generate more revenue

Create memorable customer experiences that boost revenue.


Improve satisfaction

Delight your customers with lightning-fast responses.


Boost customer value

Make more sales by keeping your customers loyal to your brand.

Migrate to your new helpdesk today

Start your free 14-day LiveAgent trial today and get familiar with our customer support solution. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to give you more information.

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You Will Be in Good Hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Can I migrate data from SpiceWorks?

Yes you can. At this time, all data has to be transferred manually. Let us know if you're interested in a migration plugin.

How do I migrate the tickets from SpiceWorks?

Tickets can be migrated manually or with the help from LiveAgent support team. Contact us and discuss the migration of your data to LiveAgent today.

What are the benefits of migrating your data to LiveAgent?

The main benefit is the multi-channel ticketing system that cover emails, live chat, call center, customer portal, Viber, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your customers can reach you anywhere and you can provide the best customer experience for them.

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