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Looking to migrate from SolarWinds?

SolarWinds is a great piece of software, but we understand you might want to switch to a better fitting solution. Choose LiveAgent and begin your free trial today. Read on further to find out more about LiveAgent’s capabilities.

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What kind of data can you migrate from SolarWinds?


Migrate your contacts and agent profiles


All of your customer communication in tickets


Migrate important tags

SolarWinds vs LiveAgent comparison

Live Chat✅Yes❌No
Call Center✅Yes❌No
Knowledge Base✅Yes✅Yes
Customer Forum✅Yes✅Yes
Automation and Rules✅Yes✅Yes
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ✅Yes❌No
Video Calls✅Yes❌No
Unlimited History✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Websites✅Yes❌No
Unlimited Chat Buttons✅Yes❌No
Unlimited Tickets/Mails✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Call Recording✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited 24/7 Support✅Yes✅Yes
Maximum queue time

A complimentary SolarWinds migration

How to get your free migration? It’s quite simple. Just start your free trial and contact our support. There is no need to install products, LiveAgent is a browser-based so you can access it from anywhere and at any time. You can try it now by clicking the button below. 

Benefits of migrating to LiveAgent

On time resolution

Saves time

Improve your workflow with your new toolset and help your customers efficiently


Save money and earn more

Save money with LiveAgent and turn your customers into loyal customers

Satisfaction prediction scores

Improve satisfaction

LiveAgent allows you to help your customers via more channels and always be there for them


Multiple supported languages

LiveAgent speaks a lot of languages so you can feel at home with your help desk

Tools for great workflow

Are you curious about what you can get with our service deskOur ticketing system handles all incoming emails from your customers. Furthermore, it also handles all of our other tools. We’re talking about our super-fast live chat with chat displayed speeds at 2.5 seconds. There is also a customer portal known as knowledge base, call center support with many options and social media support. You can keep track of Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber.

These tools should cover most used ways of communication for you. There is also plenty of features and integrations to help you out further.

increase availability

Have a look at the toolset

get inspired

Get top notch support

To provide good support for your customers, you should be backed up by great support yourself. We offer 24/7 support for our customers.

We’re always there for you, from platform migration to supporting you while you’re using our product. Contact us any way you want, whether it’s email, live chat or calls. Just let us know and we can help you with any problems. We’re using the same product as our clients after all, so we know exactly what to do. Our customers are satisfied with LiveAgent, so why not join them? 

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What our customers say about us

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Moving from Smartsupp to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is a superior customer support solution that offers various integrations and features, including ticketing, live chat, call center, self-service, and more. It provides comprehensive customer service software, including social media integration, knowledge base, automation and rules, API functions, IVR features, video calls, unlimited history, websites, chat buttons, tickets/mails, call recording, and 24/7 support. LiveAgent is recommended for organizations looking to improve communication, customer satisfaction, and sales.

Looking to migrate from Olark to LiveAgent? Join companies like Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 in providing world class support.

Migrating from Olark?

LiveAgent offers customer service software and VoIP phone systems to improve brand reputation and customer relationships. It focuses on personal connections, exceptional experiences, and turning buyers into brand advocates for sustainable business growth. With over 175 features and 40 integrations, it provides great tools to help improve agent workflow and provide quick help to clients. LiveAgent also offers 24/7 support for customer communication.

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Moving from Drift to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers a comprehensive customer service software with features like ticketing, live chat, call center, self-service portal, and integrations with social media platforms. It also provides unlimited history, websites, chat buttons, tickets/mails, and 24/7 support. Try it for free!

Liveagent offers data migration free of charge. Liveagent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for smb in 2019 and 2020. Join companies like huawei, bmw, yamaha, o2 and oxford university in providing world class support.

Moving from Birdseed to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers a comprehensive help desk solution with features like ticketing, live chat, call center, self-service portal, and social media integrations. It provides unlimited history, websites, chat buttons, tickets/mails, call recording, and 24/7 support. Birdseed lacks many of these features and integrations.

Migration from HelpScout to LiveAgent is a piece of cake. Follow our step-by-step guide and do it yourself or contact us to help you out.

Switching from Help Scout to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers significant savings and ROI with multiple language support and adaptable widgets. The software provides a forever free plan as well as three other bargain price plans for small, medium, and large businesses. Additionally, LiveAgent is the most reviewed and top-rated help desk software for SMBs in 2020 with no credit card required for a 14-day trial. Join companies like Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, and Oxford University in providing world-class support to your customers. Migrate from Help Scout today and create a customizable plan to fit your needs.

Looking to migrate your data from Front to a different solution? Have a look at LiveAgent and see the benefits. Start your free trial today.

Migrating from Front?

LiveAgent is praised by various businesses for improving customer service, communication, and support. It has led to increased customer satisfaction, improved response times, and higher conversion rates. This all-in-one tool is highly recommended for its reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

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