Ticket sharing

What is ticket sharing?

Sharing tickets is easily done by using the internal live chat. Whenever an agent uses a proper Ticket ID, it is automatically hyperlinked for easier sharing. When the agents click on the Ticket ID, it automatically opens the specific ticket in their Agent panel. This saves time especially when agents need help from each other and they can quickly share tickets where they need help.

Another helpful part of tickets and sharing is the ticket and customer backlog, so your customer support team can always stay on top of unresolved tickets.

Ticket sharing

Frequently asked questions

What does the term ticket sharing mean?

Sharing tickets means sharing tickets quickly and securely between agents. So they can support each other.


Why is it advisable to use ticket sharing?

Ticket sharing allows for quick transfer between agents when you need support and additional knowledge that another agent may have. All this facilitates the work of agents and ensures the free flow of information.


Is ticket sharing available in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent ticket sharing is available thanks to the internal live chat. When the agent uses the correct ticket ID, it receives a hyperlink that it can easily share.


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