To solve button

In LiveAgent Admins can choose if Agents can answer tickets from the "All tickets" list or if they can only answer tickets from the "To solve" button.

The "To solve" button makes sure that no tickets are missed, and agents answer tickets that are sorted by priority or SLAs.

Agent in departmentsAgent in departments

Solving tickets, receiving chats, calls

Admin or Agent (if allowed) can turn on/off solving/receiving:

  • Tickets
  • Chats
  • Calls

Solving tickets, receiving chats, callsSolving tickets, receiving chats, calls

If solving tickets is turned on, the "To solve" button (next to your profile name and picture) will be automatically shown with the number of tickets that are waiting for Agent to be answered.

To solveTo solve button

Moreover, Admin can define the "To solve" button to show the most important tickets that have to be solved as soon as possible. They can be sorted in order by specifying the ticket priorities, time, SLAs.

To solve algorithm

Defines the order of tickets in the "To solve" queue.

  • Prioritize tickets in queue by time
  • Prioritize the last Agent ("To solve" button will assign tickets to agents, who replied to them last in the first place)

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