Easily manage Ticket responsibilities. Change the ownership of a Ticket to a different Department or even an individual Agent. Always know who is responsible for solving each Ticket. Never hear that "I didn't know it was my responsibility" again.

Tickets assigned to agentTickets assigned to agent

When you are the only Agent in LiveAgent, all tickets are automatically assigned to you. When you add other Agents, all Tickets are unassigned. You can assign incoming Tickets to a specific Agent by creating an automatic Rule or manually by clicking on the transfer button.

Ownership of a Ticket can be changed by:

  • Transferring Ticket to another Department
  • Assigning Ticket to another Agent

No ticket assigned to agentNo Ticket assigned to Agent

One ticket assigned to agentOne Ticket assigned to Agent

If a Ticket gets transferred to a Department, it does not mean that the Ticket is assigned to one of the Agents in the Department. It only indicates the Ticket has been transferred to their Department and one of the Agents has to pick it up and answer or assign it to another Agent.

Email notifications

Notifications can be activated to automatically send emails to Agents:

  • When a ticket is assigned to an Agent
  • When a customer replies in the assigned Ticket
  • When a new Ticket is created in a Department the Agent is a member of

Email notificationsEmail notifications

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