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Adding Contact forms on your website enables your customers to send email messages directly from your website. Contact forms are either built in or popout. Once a visitor enters queries into forms and clicks send, a new Ticket is created in LiveAgent.

Contact buttons

LiveAgent provides various customizable Contact buttons.

Choose from numerous predefined Contact button positions and styles:

Side Contact form buttons
Corner Contact form button
Inline Contact form buttons

Haven’t found the right style for your Contact button? Don’t worry, you can create a custom one by writing your own HTML code.

Custom Contact form

Contact forms

You can choose a predefined contact form from 3 style options:

  • Classic
  • Squared
  • Dark

Possible changes in Contact form design:

  • Title
  • Let visitor choose department
  • Border color
  • Button color
  • Content color
  • Form color
  • Status color
  • Textbox field
  • Listbox field
  • Checkbox field
  • Checkbox Group field
  • Create unlimited number of fields (name, email, phone, order ID, company, message…)

You can define your custom css code to adjust a Contact form to your page design.

Contact form example by LiveAgent
Example of contact form in LiveAgent

Check out our contact form gallery

Choose from a number of popular contact form styles or create your own! Try it today. No credit card required.

Fill custom values with API, effectively use custom filter and search or use rules for advanced automation with LiveAgent's feature - Contact fields.

Contact fields

Contact fields store specific information about contacts such as their phone number, email address, and job position. LiveAgent software allows for custom contact fields to gather additional information like billing address, shoe size, and language. Contact fields can be used to personalize marketing efforts and provide more knowledgeable service. Custom contact fields can be created via LiveAgent or directly in contacts. Creating exceptional customer experiences with personalized and knowledgeable service can lead to increased customer satisfaction, sales, and long-term relationships. LiveAgent offers a free 14-day trial to try their services.

Templates - Customer Service Follow Up

Templates - Customer Service Follow Up

Customer service follow-up emails are important for improving customer satisfaction, yet many companies neglect this task. By using customer service email software, businesses can create and send follow-up emails efficiently. These emails can delight customers, improve their overall experience, re-engage them, promote self-service options, and provide valuable feedback. Ten customer service follow-up email templates are provided, covering various parts of the follow-up process. These templates include the update on the issue follow-up email, proactive follow-up email, follow-up email after a positive or negative experience, encouraging self-service follow-up email, follow-up email after no response, support ticket closure follow-up email, asking for feedback follow-up email, and survey invitation follow-up email.

Hide your email address to avoid spam, generate more leads by having an easy way to get contacted by LiveAgent's feature - Contact forms. Read about it.

Contact forms

The given text provides contact information for Adform's customer service team, as well as information about LiveAgent's help desk contacts feature for storing essential information about customers. Adform offers digital marketing technology solutions and services for media agencies, advertisers, and publishers, with customer support available via email, phone, social media, and online tutorials. LiveAgent's highly recommended solution for managing customer support requests via different channels includes the ability to store custom contact fields such as gender, job position, IP address, and browser information, leading to better customer service and improved satisfaction.

Features - Contact Fields

The article discusses the importance of a well-designed contact us form for businesses and provides best practices for creating one. It also includes examples of well-designed contact us pages from various companies. Additionally, it mentions the role of customer journey touchpoints in shaping customer opinions and provides resources for implementing live chat and requesting proposals for customer service software. The article also promotes LiveAgent as a customer service software option and offers a demo and contact options.

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