GIFs in tickets

Bring static conversations to life with animated GIFs.

We’ve added the powerful GIF search found on to LiveAgent. Giphy Search enables you to instantly find the exact GIF you’re looking for and insert it into the body of your ticket.

Find a GIF you’re looking for by typing your keyword into the GIF’s search field in the right ticket sidebar.

How to search and insert the GIF into the ticket:

Youtube video: Search and insert the GIF into a ticket |

Spice up the conversation with GIFs

Use our GIPHY integration to add animated GIFs into your ticket responses. Try it today. No credit card required.

Videos - How To Add Live Chat Into Ukit Website

Videos - How To Add Live Chat Into Ukit Website

LiveAgent is a company offering customer service software, VoIP phone systems, and self-service software, with an affiliate program and demo options. The text highlights the process for adding live chat to an Open Cart store using LiveAgent and mentions building progress updates. Additionally, there is information provided about the company's support, integrations, and features. The website uses cookies, and there is an invitation to schedule a demo.

Print your Tickets in a printer-friendly version by LiveAgent's feature - Print tickets. Find out more in the article and watch our video.

Export tickets

The article covers LiveAgent, a help desk software that connects various channels in one interface. It offers a state-of-the-art ticketing system and allows for easy transfer of ticket lists, knowledge bases, and live chats. Users can try a 7 or 30-day free trial with no credit card required. LiveAgent, Zendesk, and SysAid offer many features, while and Help Scout have fewer. LiveAgent has the highest overall rating and customer support rating, with pricing at $9/month/agent. The article provides links to related resources and the latest LiveAgent updates and discounts.

LiveAgent can provide you with a free account to help you provide customer service. Find out about the pros and cons of a free help desk software.

Feature-rich free help desk software.

LiveAgent offers feature-rich help desk software with ticketing, knowledge base, call center, and live chat capabilities. They provide a free plan with unlimited agents, emails, live chats, calls, and contact forms, as well as a universal inbox for organizing communication from multiple support channels. There are no setup fees, and customer service is available 24/7. Additionally, LiveAgent's IT help desk software offers an account that is free forever, and users can create a subdomain to fit their company or team name.

Videos - How To Create Chat Buttons In Liveagent

Videos - How To Create Chat Buttons In Liveagent

LiveAgent offers chat buttons that businesses can use to provide real-time communication and support to customers. The user-friendly process allows businesses to customize the button's color, placement, and text to match their website's branding. Both online and offline chat buttons can be set up, with the online button appearing only when agents are available to answer inquiries. LiveAgent also offers integrations and 24/7 customer service, making it a viable option for those looking to switch from other chat platforms. Video tutorials and a free trial are available for those interested in setting up chat buttons.

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