Split tickets

Have you ever wondered how to deal with a ticket where a customer needs to solve multiple issues suitable for different agents/departments? With the Split Ticket feature, you can solve both problems faster and more effectively than ever before.

How does it work?

When you receive a Ticket where a customer needs to solve two or more different issues, you simply click the Split button. This will create a copy of the original ticket with a new reference number and you can use it as a normal, valuable ticket with all features as usual. Let's see a scheme on how this works:

Split tickets SchemeSplit tickets Scheme

ExampleYour customer David is wondering how to setup and configure his default e-mail address for e-mail communication with customers and also if there is a possibility to customize the chat buttons by our designers. We can clearly see this is a case suited for two different departments and your customer support agent will now use the Split Ticket feature to split and assign the ticket to other, more suitable agents/departments.

Split buttonSplit button

The Split button will simply duplicate the ticket with a new reference number and the agent can assign it to the right Department.

Communication in Ticket A, regarding the setup and configuration of an email address, will continue in the original ticket. Communication regarding design possibilities will be handled in Ticket B, with a new reference number and assignee.

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