On hold ticket

What is On hold ticket?

Tickets that can not be immediately resolved are called on hold tickets and are marked as open. The reason for their inability to be solved may be that a response from a customer or a team member is expected.

Frequently asked questions

What is an on hold ticket?

Hold tickets are tickets that cannot be terminated immediately. They are then marked as open but suspended.


What are the most common reasons for on hold tickets?

The most common reasons for withholding tickets are waiting for additional information from someone who needs support or when an agent has to wait for a response from a team member.


Where to find on hold tickets in LiveAgent?

On-hold tickets can be found in the tickets section. They are marked accordingly, making them easy to find and select.


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Expert note

Efficient handling of on hold tickets is important to minimize hold times and ensure customer satisfaction.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Support ticket system help teams manage large volumes of requests across multiple channels and enables them to answer queries quickly and knowledgeably.

Support ticket system

The article discusses the top 5 support ticket system providers and compares their key features. LiveAgent is recommended for its powerful features and affordability. Other options include Zoho Desk, OneDesk, Hiver, and Kayako. A support ticket system is a software that creates a ticket whenever a customer has a service request, making it easier for customer support representatives to assist the client. The benefits of using a support ticket system include recording and storing all relevant information in a single location, making it easily accessible for prioritizing and resolving issues. Pricing for support ticket systems varies depending on the features provided.

Read about the resolved ticket status. Understand customer support concepts in-depth with simple explanations from professionals.

Resolved ticket

LiveAgent is a customer service software solution that provides several features, including a complaint management system, email management software, self-service software, and an inbound call center software. It also offers client portal software and a help desk software for startups. With its typing test costs calculator, LiveAgent provides a pricing model that helps businesses estimate their expenditures. The company offers a free trial, and support includes a support portal and data migration. LiveAgent's sales contacts and social media accounts are available for users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and discounts. The company also provides GDPR-compliant policies and security measures.

Liveagent can detect spammy looking emails. In some helpdesk systems, these kinds of tickets are called suspended tickets.

Suspended ticket

LiveAgent offers email notifications to ensure important customer conversations are not missed. They also provide a variety of resources and are among the best ticketing software options for 2023. They offer a universal inbox and features like automated ticket distribution, reporting, and gamification. LiveAgent also offers a free 14-day trial with support offered through various channels. Users have the ability to mark tickets as pending to manage their workload. LiveAgent offers the most complete features compared to similar software options and has a high customer support rating. Pricing varies, with LiveAgent being $9/month/agent.

Many times service agents are unable to resolve customer issues efficiently due to numerous disconnected systems and archaic user interfaces.

What is a ticketing system and how to choose one

A ticket management system can improve customer service processes by storing all incoming conversations in one universal inbox. LiveAgent offers automated ticket distribution, bulk actions, and other features to streamline ticket management. Their software is also easy to use and allows users to follow a customer's journey through various communication channels. Additionally, LiveAgent offers more affordable pricing for their ticketing system compared to their competitors, making it an attractive option. Implementing a ticketing system can help businesses keep better track of customer issues and manage the workload of their team more effectively.

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