• Customer Psychology

    Consumer behavior is the study of individuals and businesses and how they select products or services. The purpose of studying consumer behavior is to better understand consumer psychology and motivations that go into selling your business to prospective clients.


  • Customer Segmentation

    Customer segmentation – grouping customers together according to certain identifiable characteristics -has been a tried and tested marketing tactic for decades in both B2C and B2B sectors. Without a deep understanding how a company’s best customers are segmented, a business would struggle to effectively allocate its financial and human resources, achieve its marketing goals and remain profitable over the long-term. Customer segmentation can be utilized by almost any business in any industry regardless of the size and whether it sells online or off.


  • Customer Service vs Customer Support

    While at first glance customer service and customer support seem quite similar, understanding the nuances between them is fundamental to delivering outstanding customer experiences. They both focus on helping customers, use similar tools like email, phone or live chat for customer interactions and employ similar soft skills to increase customer satisfaction. Even Google makes no clear difference treating both terms as multiple variants of the same keyword string. However, though customer service and customer support are connected – they approach helping customers from different perspectives.


  • Customer Centric / Customer Driven Culture

    In the competitive world of business, creating a business that puts customers first is crucial. Consumer power should not be underestimated, and customers will vote with their feet if they don’t feel valued by a brand. Consequently, it pays to create a customer-centric culture that is oriented towards the consumer.


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