Soft Skills

  • How to Turn Unhappy Customers Into Brand Advocates

    In today’s digital, hyper-connected world, advocacy represents a huge opportunity for businesses. Cultivating brand advocates or brand ambassadors who are excited to share their positive experiences with their social circles can be a truly powerful low-cost, high-return marketing strategy. Though these are mostly a company’s most enthusiastic, happy and engaged customers, unhappy ones can also become brand advocates – however, turning them into loyal promoters might be challenging.


  • How To Use Customer Incentives

    When it comes to business, one can say that any method of stimulating purchases is fair enough. One of the tools that can be used to stimulate purchase or improve customer retention is using customer incentives.


  • Customer Service Skills

    Today’s customer service involves much more than face-to-face conversations or answering phone calls. With the proliferation of digital service channels and the growing demands of tech-savvy consumers, customer service roles have become more challenging.


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