• What Makes Poor/Bad Customer Service?

    With the abundance and availability of similar products in the market, customer service has emerged as the real brand differentiator for industries in both B2C and B2B sectors. A business that wants to thrive today must focus on delivering customer satisfaction, as the consequences of poor customer service can be truly detrimental.


  • What Makes Quality/Outstanding Customer Service?

    As consumers are more knowledgeable, tech-savvy and demanding than ever, providing quality customer service has become essential to thriving in this consumer-driven economy. However, while 80% of businesses believe they provide excellent customer service, only 8% of customers believe they are actually receiving excellent service. So what stands for outstanding customer service in the eyes of consumers and why is it so vital?


  • The Role of Customer Service in Customer Experience

    As today’s consumers increasingly demand more from the brands they do business with, customer service has become a critical component of customer experience. Consumers want immediate, efficient, omnichannel, proactive and personalized customer service anytime, anywhere across the channels of their choice. Brands that fail to deliver on these expectations risk destroying customer relations and falling behind the competition. In fact, providing quality customer service is an important part of creating a successful customer experience strategy.


  • What is Customer Service?

    Gone are the days when customer service was just about being nice and courteous to customers. In the age when customer experience is a differentiator between success and failure, ignoring the importance of fostering positive customer relationships through customer service has become a really bad idea for businesses.


  • Introduction To Customer Service Academy

    Having happy customers starts with having high quality customer service, and having high quality service starts with effective training of customer service employees. The most forward-thinking employers are always looking for more customer service training ideas to bring their support teams to the next level and improve their customer service.


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