Customer Service Department

  • Customer Service Education

    Customer service education is a set of activities and procedures that every contact center should have to keep the quality of services and the satisfaction of customers at the highest level. Today, we have so many options for educational tools and platforms to select from, that it is a bad thing not to use them wisely. Let’s see why educational programs are so necessary.


  • Customer Service Interview

    Outstanding customer service naturally starts with exceptional customer service employees. Even with the best tools, systems, finely tuned processes and training in place, a company won’t be able to provide excellent service experience without having the right people in their customer service teams.


  • Customer Service Resume

    With the rise of the digital age, more and more people are choosing to work in customer service. It’s a simple but well-paying job that has many benefits for those who are only joining the workforce and career switchers alike. Here’s how to become one of the many customer service workers.


  • Customer Service Duties

    In a broad sense, customer service employees are supposed to interact with customers on behalf of an organization through various support channels available to them and resolve their issues quickly and effectively. Depending on the position and company requirements, however, customer service duties, functions and responsibilities may greatly vary – from responding to customer inquiries, troubleshooting tech problems and handling complaints to building strategies for improving the overall customer experience and fostering loyalty.


  • Customer Service Roles

    Customer service representatives can be found in just about any business in nearly every industry. Their job duties as well as role titles can greatly vary depending on where they work and which responsibilities they are assigned. Since some customer service roles include functions that overlap, and the role titles may range from straightforward to hardly comprehensible, it might be challenging for businesses to choose the names for their service team members. The following article breaks down the most common job roles and titles in customer service and some factors to consider when picking the right name for customer service employees.


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