Customer Communication

  • How To Apologize

    To apologize or not to apologize? It shouldn’t really be a question. So many people think that when sales reps make a sincere apology to a customer it means that they are admitting their business was at fault. Well, maybe their business or staff really were at fault.


  • How To Politely Decline

    Deep down, it’s in human nature to be liked and seek affirmation from others. Unfortunately, as hard as we try, sometimes we have to disagree or refuse to do something and say no to the person on the other side. This can be incredibly difficult for those people that fear backlash and want to be loved by all. Here are a few ways to politely say no, whether it’s for work such as customer service or any other everyday situation.


  • How To Get Better Customer Service

    Getting customer service can often be a rather frustrating experience for consumers. While some companies are more customer-friendly and try to go out of their way to deliver outstanding service, others don’t seem to care much about pleasing their clients when it comes to customer support.


  • How To Handle Angry Customers

    Dealing with an angry customer is no fun. They sit across from you with very hostile body language: the cross their arms, they give you short and curt replies, and they keep sighing as if the mere exercise of talking to you is exhausting. I remember being in such a situation back when I worked at Rush Essay. It’s easy to tell when a customer is getting angry or frustrated, and they typically get like that for a whole host of reasons. Some of those reasons make sense and are, quite frankly, justified. Some of them don’t make any sense at all. All the same, there’s one thing that will always remain true no matter how angry your customer is and for what reason they are angry. That is the fact that the customer is always right.


  • Customer Communication

    Your chat lines are open, and notifications are flooding it. You need to respond to them and do so in the same way that a waitress does when serving her customers – timely and personal. Problem is your customer support agents are having difficulty doing the same.


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