CloudTalk can be integrated into LiveAgent very easily and does not require any programming.
The only thing you need is your API URL and API key, which you can find directly in the LiveAgent interface (settings -> API). Then let CloudTalk do the rest.


What is Cloudtalk?

CloudTalk is a business phone system built for sales teams to dial faster and close more deals as well as customer service teams to provide seamless customer experience over the phone. CloudTalk features phone calls, automatic dialing, call scripts, IVR, smart routing, SMS as well as other 75 call center features.

How can you use it?

If you want full access to customer interaction combined with call history, we have the perfect solution. Integrate your LiveAgent solution with CloudTalk to see all information on calls and tickets in one place – CloudTalk interface. When the client calls, his customer card (which opens the second you pick up the phone) displays contact details, call history, notes, and tickets related to the caller. Your agents will provide a more comprehensive and quicker customer service.

The added value for LiveAgent users is the synchronization of all customer calls from CloudTalk. Once the call ends, the relevant information is sent to LiveAgent and matched with the client’s ticket. You will see the name of the agent, length of the call, waiting time and name of the company from which the phone call was made. Each call is also linked to a recording accessible anytime you need it.

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