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What is CRM?

Customer relationship management, also known as CRM, means strategies and technologies used to manage relationships and interactions with customers. The main target of CRM is to improve and analyse business relationships.

Information about customers are obtained by CRM systems from different channels such as website, social media, marketing materials and others. You can store sales, leads, opportunities, contact information and more. Customer relationship management also have a big impact on your company. It helps you collect data, manage customer service team and increase customer’s satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

What does an acronym CRM stand for?

The acronym CRM stands for customer relationship management. Simply put, thanks to CRM, companies can manage business relationships, data and information related to them.

What are the types of CRM?

There are several types of CRM. The first is operational CRM, which, thanks to its capabilities, gives customer service, marketing and sales departments the opportunity to better act and support current and future customers. The second type is a collaborative CRM that supports interactions with suppliers and distributors. It is based on shared data about customers. Another type is analytical CRM, thanks to which you can analyze data and draw appropriate conclusions based on it. An interesting type is the strategic CRM, which in its intention puts customers in the first place by using data about them and the current trends. The last type is CRM used for campaign management, thanks to which you can conduct sales and marketing campaigns in an effective way.

Is LiveAgent a CRM?

LiveAgent is a tool that can be integrated with CRM and support its activities. In LiveAgent, you can store customer data in the contact information box.

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