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An unattended Tweet or a Facebook private message can cause a lot of trouble. Most small business don't have a dedicated social media representative to communicate with customers on social networks. But what if you didn't have to have one? What if your customer service reps could answer your customers on social networks from their ticketing platform?


Listen to your customers on the most popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter and stay 1 step ahead of your competitors. Private messages or tweets are transformed into tickets so your customer service representatives can answer them from the same dashboard as they reply to regular email tickets.

Features used

Facebook ticketFacebook ticket

LiveAgent connects with your Facebook profile and tracks all wall posts, comments and private messages so you can have your fans and haters under control 24/7. Everything is tracked and transformed into tickets so your customer support agents can react professionally, when a complaint is created and put out the fire before it spreads. With LiveAgent, you have 100% certainty that nothing gets lost on Facebook.

Connecting with Twitter enables you to do brand monitoring and respond to tweets that require action. Responses are directly sent as tweets.

Business benefits

  • Get automatically notified about new Facebook comments, posts or messages
  • No need to add more administrators to Facebook pages, manage permissions in one place
  • Monitor, answer and archive all Facebook wall posts in one place
  • Monitor multiple Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Track brand mentions and keywords on Twitter
  • Answer tweets from one place
  • Automatically capture public mentions as Tickets

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