An API (Application Programming Interface) is a list of commands that one software can send to another. Thanks to API you can reconnect multiple programs, tools, and automate and influence many tasks. Two different software can “communicate” directly via API.


Send information from or into your LiveAgent account from other apps via API.


Available LiveAgent API actions:

  • Retrieve the list of companies
  • Delete conversations
  • Create new conversations
  • Register new customers
  • Retrieve the list of departments
  • Remove knowledgebase entries
  • Departments reports
  • and many more…

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Update your ExpressionEngine website with a live chat button by LiveAgent to keep in touch with your customers.


ExpressionEngine is an open source and flexible CMS that allows users to manage their websites without coding knowledge. It has features for developers, designers and content managers, including plugins and modules, search engines, and spam detection. LiveAgent's live chat widget can be integrated into ExpressionEngine for fast communication. Benefits of ExpressionEngine include the ability to manage multiple sites and add custom codes. LiveAgent's chat widget is the fastest on the market.

Chatting apps allow you to communicate with a customer in real time. You can find live chat tool as a one of 175 features in LiveAgent helpdesk.

Chatting apps

The article discusses the use of chat tools as an effective means of communication between customers and brands. Advanced chat tools in customer service software provide further capabilities, including pre-chat forms, offline forms, and tracking website visitors for more useful interactions with customers. LiveAgent provides one of the best chat tools and boasts several essential features such as chat history and distribution, among others. Using personalized responses through chat, businesses can build better relationships with customers, increase accessibility, and receive useful feedback. The article also includes sales contacts and a notice about the website's use of cookies.

Videos - Liveagent Product Tour

LiveAgent Help is a software solution that streamlines messages from different platforms into a single inbox for improved workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. It offers a native live chat for customer engagement and monitoring of website behavior to convert visitors into paying customers. LiveAgent Help also provides a virtual call center with advanced features such as attended call transfers, unlimited call recordings, and IVR. A customer portal can also be built and customized with a knowledge base and community forums. The platform has been trusted by companies such as NASCAR and Forbes and offers a free trial.

Videos - Liveagent Webinar 2 Email Automation Sla

The LiveAgent Webinar 2 discusses SLA automation rules, email organization, and automation departments and templates. It emphasizes the usefulness of departments for organizing tickets, setting up SLA automation, and running reports for multi-brands. The video also covers setting up email accounts and departments, adding agents to departments, and configuring email templates. A free account can be created, and there are related articles and webinars available. LiveAgent is a customer service software that offers various features and integrations, and a demo can be scheduled.

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