What are complaints?

Complaint is a message or notice in which customers express their dissatisfaction. This happens when customer expectations are not fulfilled or they have some problem with a product or service.

Solution for these clients is compensation, gift or a feedback. Complaints are not good for the company, but on the other hand, it helps customer representatives, managers to provide a better service.

When a customer post a complaint on your Facebook page wall, it is all tracked in LiveAgent and you are able to respond to it in a moment.

rebuked complaints in LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

What are complaints?

Customer complaints are a mismatch between what customers expect and what product or service they receive. It can be considered that this is a failure to fulfill the promise made to the customer by the brand. Complaints may relate primarily to the quality of the product.

How can customers report complaints?

In order to make a complaint, customers should contact the customer service. Depending on which channel or channels the brand chooses, this route should be chosen as the way to file a complaint. Usually, you will need to enter your order number.

Are customers’ complaints a good thing?

At first glance, customer complaints are not a good thing, but nevertheless added value can be derived from them. Thanks to complaints, we find out what is not working for us, what customers expect, what promises have not been fulfilled by the brand. In addition, when complaints are properly addressed, customers see that they are being taken seriously. Their opinion counts.

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