Ticket management system

What is a ticket management system?

A ticket management system is a piece of software that organizes customer queries through a universal inbox. Queries, often called tickets, are organized according to importance or SLA rules.

How to choose the right ticket management system

Universal inbox

The right ticket management system should streamline all your customer communications into a universal inbox. What this means is that once your ticket management system connects with your social media accounts, phone numbers, and email accounts, you’ll be able to view and resolve all incoming tickets from a single dashboard.

Reporting and analytics

One of the features that should be included in a ticket management system is a reporting feature that helps you track and monitor agent performance.

What kind of analysis can you perform on a ticket management system?

The right system should give you insight into what channels are being used most, which agents answer most tickets, as well as the average response time of your agents.


Although all ticket management systems are different, the right system should enable you to utilize automation. Automation features can include predefined answers, canned messages, mass actions, automated ticket distribution as well as time, SLA, and action triggered rules. Rules execute predefined actions when a trigger’s conditions are met. For example, if a ticket has been closed for a specific period of time (such as 24 hours) the ticket management system can automatically generate a satisfaction survey email that is sent to the customer.

What is the purpose of a ticketing system?

A ticket management system ensures that all customer communication is centralized and that customer information can be tracked quickly and easily. A ticket management system combines many important tools that guarantee a seamless problem resolution across all communication channels. It automates processes and enables customer representatives to stay organized, efficient, and helpful — and therefore saves tons of time for both your business and customers.

Using a ticket management system enables you to provide higher quality, personalized support when compared to support done solely through email or phone calls. If you don’t have a ticket management system yet, give LiveAgent a try. Our advanced help desk software boasts a built-in ticket management system with over 180 functions and features.

Is there a free ticket management system?

LiveAgent offers a free ticket management system. Read all about it, or create your free account today.

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