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LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated live chat software for SMB in 2018. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

Live Chat for Websites

Live Chat is the easiest and least expensive way to connect with visitors of your website. Not online?
Answer them later via email.

What is LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is an everything-you-need software suite for customer support. It includes live chat, email ticketing, call center, social media helpdesk, knowledgebase, customer portal, feedback and contact formulars and plenty more. Simple web-based interface is accessible from all desktop and mobile devices. 

Benefits of Live Chat

  • Easy and affordable way of communication
  • Real time convenience to visitors
  • Average 26% increase in conversions
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage

Chat & Visitor Overview

Get real-time insights on who's chatting, who's waiting in queue and who's browsing your website. See how much time customers spend and what they browse. Start chatting with visitors with a press of a button.

Automatic Live Chat Invitations

Engage your website visitors by inviting them to live chat with your agents. Setup chat invitations for custom URLs on your website(e.g. your pricing page). Invite visitors to chat with you during the checkout process, build their purchase confidence, increase shopping experience and convert them into paying customers by having a real person chat with them. Easily setup a custom popout time for your chat invitations.

LiveAgent also makes sure, that it only invites visitors to chat when you have enough available live chat representatives online

Chat Settings & Routing

To ensure fast and accurate communication, LiveAgent assigns chats to agents who've had previous communication with chatting customers. Besides random assignment, there's also 3 other options for advanced chat routing.
Random Assignment

New chat will be assigned randomly to one of the agents available for chat. This strategy helps you to assign in long term about the same amount of chats to each of your agents.

Average Utilization

New chats will be assigned to the agent with lowest number of running chats to keep the same utilization of all available agents.


New chat will ring to all agents available for chat until one of them will pick it up.

Max Utilization

New chats will be assigned to agent with highest number of running chats to keep his utilization on maximum. Once agent has no free chat slots, new chat will be routed to next available agent.

Pre-made Live Chat Buttons

Place a chat button anywhere in your website and start answering your customers via live chat. LiveAgent provides various pre-made & customizable live chat buttons.
Haven’t found the right style for your online chat button?

Don’t worry, you can create a custom one by uploading an image or by writing your own HTML code.

Drag & Drop Files to Chat

Let customers easily submit files while chatting with your support representatives. Make the whole process easier and faster. 

Chat Feedback

Fight against delivering poor customer support by letting your customers rate the responses and answers of your customer support agents. Reward your best agents and support those that are underachieving at the moment. Identify negative trends in your customer support and act accordingly.

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