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What is a help center?

A help center (also called Knowledge base/Customer portal) is a website that is designed by the company to help their customers with the problems they are facing.

When a customer is having problem with any product or service, he/she visits the help-center which has a panel for frequently answered questions (FAQs). Most of the issues faced by customers have been resolved and an answer is given on how to fix a certain issue. Obviously, some customers might have different problems to which they can’t find answers on the help-center. In that case, they call the customer service. The help-center also has panels for contact information, articles on problems faced, and feedback forms.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of help center?

The Help Center is usually a website that allows customers to find answers to their questions. Depending on the company, it may include a knowledge base, problem report form, live support chat, user manuals, and articles.

What is the role of help center?

The role of the help center is to provide answers to customers who need support. These may be problems with a product or service, looking for detailed operating instructions, they may want to report a bug or complaint about the services provided, as well as learn more about individual products to help them take care of it.

Does LiveAgent provide help center?

LiveAgent provides a help center. It is built into LiveAgent and fairly easy to use. When creating an account, there is an instruction manual that will guide you through the activities of the help center. By clicking on the Knowledge Base you can easily start creating. You have the option to add categories, articles, FAQ or forum.

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Expert note

An efficient and effective help center is crucial for any business to provide excellent customer service and maintain a good reputation in the market.

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Andrej Saxon
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Customer service center, also known as a contact center, is a specific part of an organization. The center is composed of customer representative staff.

Customer service center

LiveAgent offers customer service software, voIP phone systems, self-service software, inbound call center software, complaint management system, client portal software, email management software, and help desk software for startups. The company provides various pricing plans and features, including integrations and alternatives. LiveAgent also has a support portal, data migration, system status, change log, and request for proposal services. The company offers a free trial and has won awards and certificates. They also have partnerships and an affiliate program. LiveAgent has a blog, glossary, academy, templates, and webinars, including a typing test and costs calculator. The company has sales contacts and social media presence and offers a newsletter subscription. Quality Unit, LLC owns LiveAgent and has terms and conditions, security policy, privacy policy and GDPR compliance. The website deploys cookies according to their privacy and cookies policy.

A help desk is a very important part of your customer service. The main task help desk support is to fix and resolve customer's problems. Look for more.

Helpdesk support

Companies that prioritize customer service should have helpdesk support to easily communicate with customers about technical problems and questions. However, if a company does not engage in activities that require help desk support, there is no need to introduce it. LiveAgent offers helpdesk software for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses use helpdesk to provide support to their customers through various channels include call centers, websites, live chat, social media, or email.


A helpdesk is a department within a business that focuses on serving customers and end-users by providing information, support, and assistance. Helpdesk software functions as a ticketing system that connects with various communication channels, and offers automation, data analysis, and reporting. Helpdesks are used by B2B and B2C businesses in all industries, and eliminate problems such as lost, unanswered, or forgotten tickets, delayed responses to tickets, and lack of responsibility. Benefits of using a helpdesk include improved customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and sales, as well as improved agent productivity and reduced stress and burnout.

See statistics about Help Center. You can monitor activity in a knowledge base, community and review search terms over last 30 days.

Help center analytics

This article discusses the importance of a help center for businesses to provide support to their customers, including a knowledge base and live chat. It also introduces a customer service evaluation checklist to improve service and revenue. Additionally, it explains chat support and its benefits, and introduces LiveAgent as a solution. The article ends with updates on the installation process for LiveAgent.

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