Free online chat

What is a free online chat?

Free online chat is a type of communication between two or more people through the Internet. It is a real time chat that uses a web-based applications. It is a faster way of communication, than through internet forums or emails. This type of online chatting app is free for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define free online chat?

Free online chat is an internet communication channel between two or more people. This chat works in real time and uses web applications for this purpose. It allows for quick communication and is definitely a more attractive form of communication than e-mail or internet forums.

Do businesses need free online chat?

Businesses definitely need free online chat. This is because most customers find it the most attractive form of getting a real-time response. If your company uses live chat, it has a competitive advantage, saves money, allows you to track and analyze customers, and increases customer service productivity.

Is free online chat available at LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers free online chat. It is one of the most effective forms of communication with the customer, so it is a very important element of customer service software. The advantage of LiveAgent is that it is not only a live chat functionality, but also a full set of helpdesk and call center functions.

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