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Forming personal connections is one of the cornerstones of educational and non-government organizations. It relies on the interest, reputation, and support from students, donors, or stakeholders.

Digital communication opened up a door to new possibilities for student onboarding, planning, and fundraising strategy.

Live chat is an ideal tool for any institution looking to modernize its customer service and form long-lasting relationships.

What is live chat? 

In case you’re wondering what exactly is live chat, we can break it down into three essential components that form one complete communication channel.

Live chat software is part of a complex, omnichannel help desk software that includes ticketing, call center, social media networks, knowledge base, customer portal, and many more.

Live chat software offers many features for customer service to utilize, giving them an advantage over other communication channels when handling online inquiries.

The live chat tool is a browser-based messaging window activated when clicked on a chat widget, also known as the chat button. It is a fully customizable and user-friendly feature that is simple to integrate on your website.

Edit chat button
Example of a chat button (click to enlarge)

Each button’s pre-designed style position, animation, and so on can be found in the chat button gallery or created entirely from scratch by implementing your own code.

Chat button gallery
Example of a chat button gallery (click to enlarge)

Embed the chat button on your target pages, such as Sign up, FAQ, or Donations, and see the positive results. 

Live chat support is a service that the organization provides externally to the public or internally to its employees. It is the quickest way to help any online website visitors that require it, as each session is conducted in real-time, with a human chat operative, instead of a chatbot.

Example of live chat support

Provide fast learning support

LiveAgent live chat widget is ideal for providing quick advice to everyone who needs it. Start your free 14-day trial and set up your chat in no time.

What are the advantages of live chat over the phone or email?

Let’s be frank; neither phone nor email will become obsolete any time soon. In fact, they are still a preferred channel for numerous customers. There are many reasons for that, but it is indisputable that live chat has been growing in popularity since it became a norm to use the internet for communication.

The millennial generation has especially embraced live chat software. Over 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer support queries answered via a live chat.

As the modern chat software becomes more sophisticated, its advantages over the phone or email have become more evident. 

So what are those advantages? 

Let’s have a look at the top three. 

  • The reduced average waiting time. Both phone and email require a significant effort from the user to communicate. Then it comes to holding in line on the phone to get to the agent or writing and waiting for the reply. Not only is live chat instantaneous, but agents can also attach all sorts of necessary files, such as onboarding documents or agreements. 
  • Multitasking. Agents understand the struggle it takes to switch between phones or email to help their customers continually. Live chat operators can handle multiple chats with ease, without breaking their concentration to do tasks in the background.

The result? Lower operational costs and increased ROI, as you won’t need to employ huge teams to handle your communication channels. A great benefit for both EDU and NGO institutions, as they often run on a tight budget.

In case the requests for chats become too much to handle, your admins can always set up the number of chats a specific agent can perform at the same time or the overall maximum queue length

  • Decreased ticket volume. Being overwhelmed by incoming calls or email is something that is all too familiar to anyone working in customer service. Not only that, but the phone or email inquiries generally take longer to solve. Having an option to contact your support team directly from the website can reduce the support ticket submissions. The reason behind this is that support agents can resolve the inquiry on the spot in the vast majority of cases.

All of this is possible with live chat, as all the communications are done from the comfort of your computer while your prospects or regulars browse your site.

You don’t even need a computer. Live chat is optimized for mobiles and other such devices, so your team can respond from anywhere to any platform.

What are the benefits of using live chat for EDU and NGO institutions?

Go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.

Jerry Bruckner - author of The Success Formula For Personal Growth

The education and non-profit businesses have seen significant changes in their marketing and service strategies in recent years. The main driver is technology. As it became easier to connect globally, so did the interest grow from international students or organizations. 

Effective communication is key for building loyalty.

Live chat benefits for EDU:

  • Help students with the applications, registrations, or any other procedures 
  • Real-time advice
  • Suggestions for various courses 
  • Strengthened trust in your student institution and its student body
  • Improved student and parental engagement 
  • Increased applications and enrollments 
Benefits of Live Chat and How to Use It | Live Agent05:52Youtube video: Benefits of Live Chat and How to Use It
Live Agent

Live chat benefits for NGO institutions: 

  • Increased engagement with donors
  • Adapt different generational approach 
  • Stable donor support in return for positive service experience
  • The improved understanding between your donors and your organization 
  • Collection of data for your next fundraising strategy 
  • Guide your donors through various stages of their decision-making, for example, during the donation process.

What features of live chat can EDU and NGO institutions utilize in their customer support strategy? 

It is vital to keep your individual or business donors’ or students’ information and profiles as part of your next fundraising, stakeholder, or enrollment strategy.

Example of a universal inbox (click to enlarge)

Each chat session is converted into tickets and saved in a universal, shared inbox. Your chat agents can collect and store data from the conversations, thanks to a built-in CRM. Any agent will be able to respond as they will have all the necessary information ready and available at all times. 

One of the most essential and multipurpose features, proactive chat invitation, is a timed pop-up message that appears on a website as a customized invitation or introduction.

Chat invitation gallery
Example of a chat invitation gallery (click to enlarge)

Through monitoring the current URL of live chat visitors, you can reach out and offer a helping hand. Agents can create single or multiple invitations or turn them off entirely if all the agents are engaged with other chats. 

Current URL of live chat visitor
Example of website visitor tracking (click to enlarge)

An optional but useful feature for agents who prefer to be one step ahead of customers. During the chat conversation, the agent can observe what he is typing and prepare the answer before the customer hits send. 

Real time typing

Canned responses streamline the workflow by using saved and predefined short text replies to the most common questions. 

Canned messages
Example of a canned response (click to enlarge)

Chat routing is vital if the chat is supposed to reach the correct department of a relevant faculty or the campaign project team. Agents or chat admins can choose from three predefined route options to ensure fast and accurate communication:

  • Random Assignment
  • Ring to all
  • Max utilization
Chat distribution
Example of chat distribution (click to enlarge)

Tags can be added either manually or automatically to specific words or phrases, thus creating a custom workflow for an individual agent. 

Example of tags (click to enlarge)

Permits input and feedback from clients and ranking of agent’s efficiency or the overall satisfaction with a chat session.

Agents ranking
Example for agent ranking (click to enlarge)

Students, constituents, or donors can come from any corner of the world. Live chat allows your institution to become genuinely global by using the language adaptable widgets

Example of a multi-language chat widget (click to enlarge)

To provide an even more personal touch to your customer service, utilize video and chat simultaneously. Set it up in the same manner as the chat button by placing the live chat video button on your website’s specific pages.  

Mockup-Real time video chat browser based
Example of video chat (click to enlarge)

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What are the guidelines and rules of a chat conversation? 

The chat conversations vary, depending on the situation, but some protocols and rules have to be followed in online communication. 

Individual or in groups, any chat operative must possess a full range of customer service skills, ranging from hard skills like computer literacy, grammar proficiency, or typing speed to soft skills like empathy and patience. All of these form a complete online chat etiquette

Etiquette in Live Customer Support | Live Agent01:13Youtube video: Etiquette in Live Customer Support
Live Agent

Live chat conversations are a rapid exchange of information, so the agents have to be experts in the subject matter. Implementing and maintaining a knowledge base can serve as a great source of information for agents and the customers who prefer self-service to traditional support.

Stand out from your competitors with a strong
customer-centric culture​

Can outsourcing their customer support bring profit to EDU and NGO institutions? 

It is becoming increasingly standard for a business or an institution to outsource their customer service teams. 

The primary motivators are time management, budget concerns, and workload distribution. Most EDU and NGO institutions don’t employ massive support teams or work around the clock, so their support hours are limited. Fortunately, specialized centers exist for that very reason. 

Learn more about the benefit of outsourcing your LiveAgent account here.

How to integrate live chat software into your website? 

Integrating a live chat button to your website is as easy as learning 2+2=4. When you sign up and receive a login for your LiveAgent account, all that has to be done is simply copying and pasting a short HTML code.

Do you know what else is great? There is no need to download any additional software. However, if you wish to integrate with third-party software, apps, or plugins to enhance your customer service experience, it is fully supported through Native or Zapier integrations. 


Protect your students’ and donors’ data. LiveAgent’s combined security features will keep your mind at peace, knowing that all their data is safe and secured. 

Here are some of the security features we offer: 

Knowledge base 

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” With that in mind, our knowledge base is continuously being updated with new information. Not only that, but we also encourage our subscribers to contribute as well or build a community through our customer portal


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Frequently asked questions

Can live chat be used for internal purposes as well?

Not only can live chat be a highly useful communication tool for external purposes but recruiters and employers can utilize it internally for onboarding and training processes.

How to integrate live chat software into your website?

No need to download any additional software, live chat is immediately accessible after signing up. Integration is done by copying and pasting a short HTML code.

Is live chat a secure solution?

Anyone with a goal of a strong online presence has to take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of its business and customers. For that reason, LiveAgent has implemented various security features: BAN IPs, 2-step verification, HTTPS Encryption, Multiple Data Centers, GDPR.

LiveAgent can provide you with a free account to help you provide customer service. Find out about the pros and cons of a free help desk software.

Feature-rich free help desk software.

LiveAgent offers feature-rich help desk software with ticketing, knowledge base, call center, and live chat capabilities. They provide a free plan with unlimited agents, emails, live chats, calls, and contact forms, as well as a universal inbox for organizing communication from multiple support channels. There are no setup fees, and customer service is available 24/7. Additionally, LiveAgent's IT help desk software offers an account that is free forever, and users can create a subdomain to fit their company or team name.

Guide your prospects and customers through your e-commerce store's sales funnel by utilizing live chat software from LiveAgent.

Live chat for e-commerce and services

Live chat is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses to improve customer communication and increase satisfaction. Compared to phone and email, it is a low-cost and efficient platform for support, with customizable features such as pre-chat forms, canned responses, and real-time typing view. It is a vital component for online stores to prevent cart abandonment and cross/up-selling, as well as CRM data collection and retention tactics. Skilled and knowledgeable chat agents are crucial for creating an ideal online customer experience. Integration of the live chat button is straightforward, and LiveAgent offers various security features to ensure data protection and privacy.

Make your communication a risk-free endeavor and choose a powerful communication tool for your enterprise business - live chat from LiveAgent.

Live chat for enterprise businesses

Live chat software has become an important asset for modern-day businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction. It allows real-time interaction and provides a personalized experience since it is operated by a human representative. Live chat reduces waiting times, decreases incoming message volumes, and increases engagement. Enterprise businesses can benefit from features such as universal inbox, proactive chat invitation, video chat, contact form, tags, and post-chat survey. Agents should possess certain qualities and adhere to chat etiquette guidelines to provide excellent customer service. Integrating live chat to a website is simple and quick, as it only requires copying and pasting a short HTML code.

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Looking for a free customer management software?

LiveAgent offers free customer management software for businesses with 24/7 customer service and no setup fee. They are the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020, allowing businesses to provide excellent customer support and management. Sign up for a free account with essential features and stay closer to your customers.

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