Ban IPs

Specify the visitor’s IP addresses in LiveAgent that you wish to ban so annoying visitors won’t be able to bother your agents anymore.

Ban is applied to:

Chats A visitor can see a chat button, but he can not start a chat session with an available agent. A banned visitor can just leave an offline message, which will be automatically marked as Spam.

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Contact forms A message added by a banned visitor through a contact form will be automatically marked as Spam.

Calls Calls through the call contact widget (call button) will be redirected to a voicemail (and marked as Spam) or it’ll just end the call – according to your IVR setup.

Suggestions/Forum posts Banned users are not able to register and contribute to forum/add suggestions from banned IP address.

Ban history – Saved information

  • Date of the ban (Created)
  • Validity (Valid until)
  • Banned IP
  • Note with reason
  • Banned by (Agent name)
  • Ticket ID

How to add Ban

  • When chatting with an annoying visitor
  • Add ban in Settings/Protection section in LiveAgent

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