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Knowledge base software for better self-service

Knowledge is power. Empower your customers to help themselves and make the daily routine of your agents easier by creating a smart and customizable knowledge base.

LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMBs in 2020. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

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What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a single source of institutional knowledge that your company provides to customers 24/7 without requiring customer interactions. It is basically a directory full of content, which can help your clients troubleshoot their issues or find information/solutions they seek.

Nowadays, it is quite a popular tool to answer common questions, so the customers don’t need to contact agents and wait in line unnecessarily. Instead, agents can simply answer repetitive questions by creating articles for clients.

LiveAgent’s knowledge base is a part of a self-service portal. Thus, you will not only get to create knowledge base articles, but you can also create forums and allow your customers to track their inquiry statuses and history. 

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A knowledge base is a part of a complex customer portal

Fill your knowledge base with forums, customer feedback boxes, and take advantage of an unlimited ticket history.

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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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4 simple steps for setting up your knowledge base software

A knowledge base platform can play a crucial role in your overall customer support.

What are the advanced features of the knowledge base?

internal knowledge base

Internal knowledge base

Knowledge base articles are a great way to provide self-service for your customers 24/7. But, what if you want to offer the same option for your internal team? LiveAgent has got you covered.

LiveAgent’s internal knowledge base function lets you customize an online library that contains information about the onboarding process, company knowledge, events, awards, new promotions, etc.

The internal knowledge base functions the same way as the one for your customers. Thus, you can categorize the topics neatly and have a search box, so your employees can immediately view relevant content.

Having an internal knowledge base tool not only improves your employee productivity and workflows but also enables your customer service team to provide professional assistance without any delays. 


LiveAgent’s forum is a powerful tool for knowledge sharing between customers. It is an excellent place for customers to engage and help each other troubleshoot their problems and get instant answers.

Moreover, businesses can also create internal forums, which significantly improve team collaboration. For example, the internal forum can be an excellent medium for discussing solutions and proposals with colleagues. Further, the employees can view previous questions that colleagues may already have answered. 

Customer Forum in Customer portal software - LiveAgent
Feedback & suggestions feature in help desk software - LiveAgent

Feedback & Suggestions

Feedback is an essential and inevitable part of every business. Even if you don’t want it, it is still there. Your business should always view user feedback as a tool to improve services/products and grow. Moreover, allowing your clients to provide feedback and suggestions makes them feel heard, ultimately improving customer loyalty.

LiveAgent offers a highly customizable and easy-to-use feedback button, another powerful feature that prompts visitors to give feedback/suggestions. In this way, your company demonstrates that it is open to customer feedback and will strive to meet clients’ needs.  

Search widget

It is essential to have a powerful search engine bar so that your customers can find information quickly and easily. Organizing your knowledge base content by category is a great way to make it easy to search, but most customers won’t take the time to do that just to find the relevant article.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that having quality knowledge base articles is not enough. If visitors cannot find appropriate content, they are likely to contact your customer representatives unnecessarily. So, do not underestimate the quality search functionality inside a knowledge base and check out LiveAgent’s easy-to-use search bar with multiple customization options. 

Search widgets feature in Customer portal software - LiveAgent
Liveagent dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

Having an effective knowledge base is about helping your clients with relevant content. However, you should not forget about your employees as well. Having a user-friendly dashboard in a knowledge management tool is another key feature, which might be often overlooked.

LiveAgent’s interface lets your agents create new articles with little to no training time. Ready to try it out? Try the free demo and see for yourself.


The whole point of creating an online knowledge base software solution is for it to be easily searchable. However, the more content your business makes, the more it can get chaotic. As a result, LiveAgent allows you to create categories so your customers, and you won’t get lost in the content. 

Customer loyalty and retention - Knowledge Base - LiveAgent
Attachment in articles feature for Knowledge base articles - LiveAgent


Customer service departments often need to share file attachments with clients, such as PDFs or video tutorials. This is why it is beneficial to have knowledge management software that accommodates such functionality – so that you no longer have to go through the hassle of sending a google doc through google drive to a customer. Instead, you can simply create a relevant article, which also includes a file attachment. 

Multi-knowledge base

A multi-knowledge base comes in very handy if your company sells several products, brands, or provides several independent services. A single LiveAgent account gives you the opportunity to create unlimited knowledge bases, with each of them having its own unique design, settings, and content.

Provide your customers with the knowledge they want with stunning guides.

Multi knowledge base feature in Customer portal software - LiveAgent
Attachment in articles feature for Knowledge base articles - LiveAgent

Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Creating a knowledge base doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is create specific categories to make your knowledge base easy to navigate. Then, fill these categories in with content, using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Style the content with your preferred headings, colours, styles, and pictures to create a better structure for your articles. Being accessible and approachable doesn’t need to be hard.

A fair knowledge base software

Knowledge means power. However, delivering it to your customers doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of bucks. Our pricing is built with this in mind and that’s why the knowledge base system is a part of our cheapest plan.

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LiveAgent's other core features

Knowledge base portal is just the tip of the iceberg. Reach your full potential with LiveAgent’s multi-channel help desk software.

With LiveAgent, your emails, chats, calls, and social media mentions will end up in one universal inbox. Read more…

Live chat support is the key ingredient to a successful customer acquisition strategy of any company. Read more…

Build a virtual call center as part of your multi-channel help desk solution. LiveAgent centralizes phone calls from your website or landline into a single place. Read more…

Integrate your social media profiles into LiveAgent and reply to comments, private messages, or Tweets directly from your account. Read more…

Over 30,000 businesses can't be wrong​

See our success stories and testimonials to find out how LiveAgent can boost your customer support and increase the happiness of your business partners.

Why knowledge base system?

70% of customers prefer to look for answers before contacting customer service. Setup a knowledge base with just a few clicks, create categories and articles and adapt it to your company’s design without coding with just a few clicks.
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Business benefits

Be helpful even offline

Seamless customer service and care

Internal knowledge within the company

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Customer benefits

Available 24/7/365

Ability to get answers on their own

The fastest customer support

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Multi-language support

If your business operates internationally, it can be challenging to provide support without hiring extra customer support agents. LiveAgent’s knowledge base solution is an excellent way to offer a self-service option 24/7 in multiple countries.

All your business needs to do is create essential articles and provide them in languages that require your customer assistance. This solution can improve customer experience and, thus, customer satisfaction.

Depending on your company’s size, you can create a category for each language, or if you need to develop extensive content, we suggest creating multiple knowledge bases. Moreover, you can apply this tactic to your internal company knowledge base.

Thus, if you have a multinational company, you can ensure that your employees stay up-to-date with company news, product/service updates, etc.

Why do companies need
a knowledge base solution?

You know your customers the best. Give them the information they need and focus on their satisfaction.
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Impatient customers seeking help

Well written knowledge base articles provide the fastest help to your customers. Draft, design, and edit all knowledge base articles with a WYSIWYG editor.
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Lost and confused customers

Lost customers can churn. To prevent that, create FAQs (frequently asked questions) and technical product guides as a part of your support portal.
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Overloaded customer support

Do you want to provide stellar customer service with limited resources? Decrease the load of incoming emails and chats by creating a knowledge base.

What is knowledge base software?

Knowledge base software or often called support documentation software captures, stores, and shares all of your important data in a single place, which is easily accessible by your customers. This online self-service database provides the fastest and the most convenient help to anyone looking for information about your products.

Because it supports your customers even when your agents are not online, a well organized knowledge base can save your company tons of resources.

LiveAgent - What is knowledge base software?
Knowledgebase customization in Customer portal software - LiveAgent

How to choose the right knowledge base tool

Customization options, the ability to create organized structures, and add new content easily are just some of the main components that companies consider when selecting the right knowledge base system. Well-chosen software for knowledge management should seamlessly integrate into your other customer support channels and provide a smooth experience to your customers. Knowledge base software by LiveAgent is a part of the customer portal, which is a part of the multi-channel help desk software.

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Join thousands of businesses that rely on LiveAgent to share their knowledge with their customers.

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All support channels under one roof

LiveAgent’s knowledge base software integrates with multiple communication channels and offers nearly 200 features.

Frequently asked questions

What are knowledge base tools?

Knowledge base tools are tools that enable your customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact your customer support team. Knowledge bases are found on a business's website in the form of a FAQ, forum or how-to articles.

What is knowledge base management?

Knowledge base management is a software designed to manage databases and support your users. Knowledge bases provide how-to articles, FAQs and forums.

How to build a knowledge base?

The first step of building a knowledge base is to decide what information you want in it. Then, decide on the structure of it, and start writing your first articles. Add visuals such as screenshots or video tutorials to make your content more user friendly. Add FAQs and forums. Publish your knowledge base and receive feedback and suggestions from your users, to see what else needs to be added.

What is a knowledge base software?

Knowledge base software is part of a complex help desk solution. It is a form of self-service for your website visitors/customers. Furthermore, your company can create articles, forums, and suggestion boards to improve the CX to the maximum potential.

How do you create a knowledge base in LiveAgent?

Each account comes with a free Customer portal/Knowledge base example, which you can fully customize based on your preferences. For customization, navigate to Customer Portal>General>Settings.

Why is knowledge base important?

Knowledge bases are important because they reduce the workload of customer service agents, and save time for customers. Instead of having to contact businesses and waiting for an answer, customers can immediately find the answer they need online without having to contact anyone.

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