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LiveAgent combines the power of universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center and robust customer service portal. Advanced automation features, rules and vast amount of integrations all together create a powerful customer support solution perfectly tied to your business needs. 

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Take a look on how LiveAgent looks inside

  • The Left navigation panel lets you quickly navigate across the chat dashboard. You can check all active chats, availability per agent or access settings of chat buttons.
  • After Live Chat is initiated, you can see details of the customer chatting with you, like the page where chat was initiated, IP address, or previous communication.
  • Thanks to our real-time typing view you are able to see what customer type even before they click "send". You can prepare your answers and amaze them with lightning-speed service.
LiveAgent Ticket Feature
  • Use departments and tags for segmentation and distribution and assignment of tickets.
  • Use the extended customer information view to quickly gather information about the customer you are communicating with and access multiple integrations with other apps.
  • Ticket thread lets you see all communication with a customer even if it started from a different channel like chat and continued with email.
  • Quick Action Buttons help you easily transfer and postpone tickets as well as add notes, and other actions.
  • Similar to live chat overview, call center offers left panel that will help you navigate inside dashboard in 1 click.
  • Call history offers list of all incoming and outgoing calls from LiveAgent with full-text search.
  • Action button lets you open a specific call ticket so you can access call recordings and the whole ticket thread.
LiveAgent Ticket Feature
  • Reports are a popular part of LiveAgent. They help you to see department statistics, so you can get a quick overview of what's happening in your helpdesk.
  • Inside the dashboard, you can see your online/offline agents and even initiate an internal chat with them!
  • With Personal statistics you can see performance your own individual metrics like time logged in or tickets answered.
  • Leaderboards are a part of gamification. They make daily work more fun and help to push performance of individual agents as they can compare their performance.

Create customer relationships

Build loyality

Increase conversions & sales

PowerfulTicketing software

You know how hard it is to keep track of every customer and every conversation. Make your life easier and focus on the core of your business by implementing ticketing software & help desk by LiveAgent. It combines all of your mail addresses into single universal inbox, which is easy to manage thanks to the ability to create unlimited amount of departments, tags and the ability to postpone tickets. Every type of communication is “converted” to tickets, so chats, mails and even calls have the same interface. 

You can think about universal inbox as upgraded, much more poweful version of your regular inbox.
You can think about universal inbox as upgraded, much more poweful version of your regular inbox.

Unlimited mail addresse

Create unlimited departments

Never lose track of communication

Provide fast, on-point customer support by implementing live chat. Set up quick responses and surprise your customers.

RobustLive chat

67% of customers expect live chat to be placed on websites since it gives them easy access to information and answers to their questions. Be closer to them by implementing live chat and enjoy real-time typing projection of your customers and  increase your answering speed. Get real-time insights on who's chatting, who's waiting in queue and who's browsing your website. Start chatting with visitors with a press of a button.

24/7 customer service

Real-time live chat

Real-time typing prediction

IntegratedCall center

Connect with your customers also via phone or video calls all from your single customer service software, LiveAgent. Fully featured cloud call center supports wide range of devices ranging from regular hardware phones, softphones to PC-to-PC calls done via browser. Simply connect your favourite VoIPproviders and get ready to provide tech support also via voice. Want to go extra mile? You can rely on LiveAgent as well, as it supports video calls too. 

Quickly solve the issues by responding to customer's requests via phone calls and increase the conversion rates.

Unlimited call recordings

99%+ VoIP providers supported

Create your own IVR

How can the right customer service software help my business? Implementing multi channel help desk software fits your needs perfectly

  • Increased productivity across all departments
  • 3 in 1 products - help desk, live chat and call center support
  • Increased customer satisfaction rate by 29%
  • Great price / performance ratio
  • Shorten your response time
  • Automate your customer support
  • Save time of customers and agents
  • Best Customer service software in 2019

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Stay available to your customers even when you are offline.

IncludedCustomer service center

Create multiple knowledge bases, customer forums or FAQs and let your customers to look for the answers on their own even when you are offline. Almost 70% of customer prefer to find the answers before getting in touch with customers support. Easily set up customer portal with just few click or create multiple knowledge bases and adapt them to your brands or company’s design. Suggestions or feedback surveys play also an important role for your customers as they give them wide options of contact.

Customize the look of your portal

Provide exceptional customer service

Powerful support tools

ConnectSocial media

Quickly connect your Facebook page or Twitter account and handle customer questions directly from your help desk solution. Respond to comments, wall posts or mentions without to need to access separate pages all in LiveAgent’s unified interface. Save time and money and surprise your customers with light-speed answers.

Don't limit your customer support to your website only. Connect your social media now.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Improve your response time

Get competitive advantage



  • Custom Domain
  • E-mail Ticketing
  • Contact Forms
  • Automation, SLA, API
  • Forum & Knowledge base
  • iOS & Android apps
$15 agent per month


  • All from Ticket +
  • Live Chat
  • Visitor Monitoring
  • Chat Invitations
  • Feedback Management
  • Multibrand Support
  • Chat Reports
$29 agent per month


  • All from Ticket+Chat +
  • *NEW* Cloud Call Center
  • Advanced Social Channel
  • Time Tracking
  • Audit Log
  • Advanced Reports
  • Gamification
$39 agent per month
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