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Ready to switch to an amazing Collab software alternative?

If you want to take your contact center to the next level, LiveAgent helpdesk software is the right solution for you! We offer more than 175 basic and advanced features so you can be sure your contact center is staying at the top of its game.

You can switch to LiveAgent within minutes and you can take your old tickets with you. We offer quick and easy ticket migration that allows you to migrate your old helpdesk data straight to your LiveAgent account.

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Save more with LiveAgent

3 reasons why companies switch to LiveAgent

Find out how LiveAgent stands out from other alternatives

Diverse Contact Center

No matter the way your customers contact you, with LiveAgent you can be sure that they can reach you 24/7.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Make your customer support a top priority and increase your conversion rates with LiveAgent’s contact center solution.

Easy to manage

With LiveAgent helpdesk software, you can be sure that you have an easily manageable, scalable, and flexible contact center solution for your business.

Collab vs LiveAgent at a glance

Features Liveagent Collab
Contains a management tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests.
LiveAgent offers ticketing.
Collab doesn't offer ticketing.
Live Chat
A real-time chat widget that you can place on any website.
LiveAgent offers live chat.
Collab offers live chat.
Call Center
A call center that can be used to make and receive calls using automatic call distribution.
LiveAgent offers call center.
Collab offers call center.
A feature that enables you to build a customer portal that your customers can register for to access their past tickets and knowledge base content.
LiveAgent offers self-service.
Collab doesn't offer self-service.
A Facebook integration that fetches all comments and mentions and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer all comments and mentions from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers Facebook integration.
Collab offers Facebook integration.
A Twitter integration that fetches all mentions and comments and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer Tweets directly from the software.
LiveAgent offers Twitter integration.
Collab offers Twitter integration.
An Instagram integration that fetches all comments and mentions and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer all comments and mentions from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers Instagram integration.
Collab doesn't offer Instagram integration.
A Viber integration that fetches all messages and transforms them into tickets. The integration also enables users to answer and broadcast Viber messages directly from the social media help desk software.
LiveAgent offers Viber integration.
Collab doesn't offer Viber integration.
WhatsApp integrations with help desks allow users to answer any WhatsApp messages within a multi-channel ticketing system, and treat them just like any other customer support ticket.
LiveAgent offers a WhatsApp integration.
Collab doesn't offer a WhatsApp integration.
Knowledge Base
A knowledge repository that contains essential information, including troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and how-to-articles.
LiveAgent offers knowledge base.
Collab doesn't offer knowledge base.
Customer Forum
An online discussion board for your customers that's located directly within your knowledge base.
LiveAgent offers customer forum.
Collab doesn't offer customer forum.
Automation and Rules
Workflows that you can automate to eliminate repetitive tasks.
LiveAgent offers automation and rules.
Collab doesn't offer automation and rules.
A set of functions that allow different applications to work together.
LiveAgent offers API functions.
Collab offers API functions.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
A technology that allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before talking to a human operator.
LiveAgent offers IVR features.
Collab offers IVR features.
Video Calls
A call that contains video, similar to Skype, Zoom, or Facetime calls.
LiveAgent offers video calls.
Collab offers video calls.
Unlimited History
Tickets don't expire or delete-- you can view them at any time.
LiveAgent offers unlimited history.
Collab offers unlimited history.
Unlimited Websites
You can use the software on an unlimited number of websites.
LiveAgent offers unlimited websites.
Collab offers unlimited websites.
Unlimited Chat Buttons
You can place an unlimited number of chat buttons on your websites.
LiveAgent offers unlimited chat buttons.
Collab offers unlimited chat buttons.
Unlimited Tickets/Mails
You can receive an unlimited number of emails and tickets.
LiveAgent offers unlimited tickets/mails.
Collab offers unlimited tickets/mails.
Unlimited Call Recording
Record every call that's made or received and playback the recording at any time.
LiveAgent offers unlimited call recording.
Collab doesn't offer unlimited call recording.
Unlimited 24/7 Support
Customer support is offered 24/7 without limiting the number of queries you can submit.
LiveAgent offers unlimited 24/7 support.
Collab offers unlimited 24/7 support.

Powerful Collab Alternative

When it comes to your contact center, don’t be afraid to think big with LiveAgent’s 175+ features and dozens of integrations.

Don’t limit yourself only to traditional customer support options. Enhance your customers’ experience and create a loyal customer base with social media, live chat, and email support.

With this all-in-one multi-channel helpdesk software, you can rest assured that you don’t miss any customer communication.

Simple, yet reliable call center

Whether you receive more inbound or outbound calls, LiveAgent’s web-based call center is powerful, yet easy to manage. Choose from the list of supported VoIP service providers and get ready to bring your customer satisfaction up while keeping your operational costs low.

Unlimited call recording

Whether you need call recording software for agent training, quality assurance, or business transparency, look no further! With LiveAgent, you can save a recording as a digital file with crystal-clear audio at an unlimited storage capacity.

IVR and automatic callback

To minimize waiting times, you can create a custom IVR menu that allows your customers to reach you more easily. Your IVR menu can even include an automatic callback option for the customers’ convenience.

Smart call routing

In LiveAgent you can configure your call routing options. Incoming phone calls can be assigned randomly to the available agents, you can take advantage of skill-based routing, or create your own predetermined criteria.

Software for excellent customer support

LiveAgent is a one-stop shop when it comes to providing outstanding customer service. We allow you to keep in contact with your clients whether you are in healthcare, manufacturing, Saas, or e-commerce. We offer 24/7 customer support so you can receive assistance whenever you need it.
Fast, smart and convenient support

Ticketing software for increased customer satisfaction

We offer amazing ticketing software that converts all your customer interactions into tickets and sends them straight to the universal inbox. Every piece of customer communication is available to you via a convenient dashboard which is a great management tool that helps you stay organized.

Priority assignment

Boost your engagement with social media support

Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your followers will be always able to reach you. No need to log in to each account separately, each message, mention, or tweet will come into your inbox in the form of a ticket.

Problematic sharing of information

The fastest live chat widget

With the fastest live chat widget on the market, you can provide easy and simple communication to both your agents and customers. You can add LiveAgent’s live chat button to your website and start answering your clients’ pressing questions.

Solution lies in shared inbox

Knowledge base and customer portal

We offer an adaptable customer portal that includes an extensive knowledge base. Customers who value independence and like to resolve issues on their own will enjoy features like forums, FAQs, and self-service options. Furthermore, this way you can provide the best customer support even when your agents are offline.

Reporting features

Make the best use of your resources and run an efficient contact center. With LiveAgent you will be able to make sure that the center operations are organized and running smoothly and that your agents are staying productive.

Boost your productivity

LiveAgent’s analytics overview lets you track contact center operations on a daily basis. You can track agent productivity, incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and many more. Understand the ins and outs of your contact center with customer service reporting to reinforce the most-used channels, identify outliers amongst your agents, and boost your performance.

Track, analyze, and improve

Keeping track of your KPIs, SLAs, and other contact center metrics allows you to better understand where you can improve. Use advanced analytics and reporting features to get the best value for your money.


Smart business owners know that modern contact centers need little aid from today’s technology. However, not everybody knows how to harness its power.

With LiveAgent, automation lifts the burden of everyday menial tasks off your agents’ shoulders. You can create canned messages as responses to repeating questions on multiple platforms like social media channels, email, live chat, Viber, etc.

Furthermore, there are countless automation rules you can set up to improve your response times and minimize human errors while reducing support costs.

Call distribution settings in Contact center software - LiveAgent

LiveAgent vs Collab comparison

Head over to Capterra to compare LiveAgent and Collab’s customer service platform ratings based on customer reviews

LiveAgent vs Collab comparison on Capterra
Correct as of 05/16/2022

Customer happiness is our priority

  • “It’s so rich in functions and beat my 5-year zendesk subscription. So I switched. Very good value for me as small business owner.” Albert

  • I first tried out Zendesk but after hours of configuration and understanding the price model i realized that it was not for me. Instead I started using LiveAgent and must say I’m so far very satisfied. The system got exactly the right amount of configuration that I want and I have not yet found something that is not possible to do. The support itself is great and usually answer your questions in a couple of minutes.” Erik

  • “We moved to LiveAgent from ZenDesk… and wouldn’t go back… It’s amazingly affordable pricing and always helpful support team who are their to help us 24×7. Secondly, the advanced level of automation which has literally replaced our need for Zapier as there’s good amount of integrations. Plus they also give so many alias emails to connect that too very easily.” Aaron

  • “We and our clients were constantly having trouble with ZenDesk, but after looking at different options, we chose LiveAgent based on user reviews and its price.” Adam

  • “I used ZenDesk for years and I was tired of these “ticket-style” emails and that I can’t attach files to my emails, only send links. What I like in LiveAgent: it sends emails (not tickets), I can attach files, organize the flow of emails easier than in ZenDesk, can chat and manage emails from the same window. Also, LiveAgent supports spreadsheets in its emails and has a great support team.” Vlad

  • “We switched to this system after many years of using ZenDesk. The functionality is awesome: contact forms, live chat, databases, integration with social networks – all in one service and all these modules are well thought out and competently interact with each other. I liked that the service works stably even on mobile platforms (after ZenDesk this is a huge plus for us).” Olga

  • “Tried various solutions including Zendesk, Freshdesk and more. Then found LiveAgent. Great tool, good value for money, ease to use, great support and help to implement. And now, after several years of use, it is still the best choice for support tool that we could have done.” Michal

  • “I have used many other help desk system before such as LiveZilla, Zopim, Zendesk, Freshdesk,, and etc. LiveAgent has beaten them in every way due to its pricing, features, customer support, and mobile features.” Harrison

Feel free to check out what other customers are saying about LiveAgent. LiveAgent has collected more than 2800 reviews on various software marketplaces like Capterra, Trustpilot, GetApp, G2, Software Advice.

You Will Be in Good Hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Collab alternative?

Collab alternative is a contact center software that offers similar qualities. However, aspects like features, pricing, customization, etc. might differ. All businesses have different needs and preferences, therefore they may benefit from having multiple options to choose from.

How does LiveAgent compare to Collab?

The comparison should be made based on the specific needs of a company. You can compare them based on their target market, number of their features, integrations, customizability, etc.

What are the extra benefits of using LiveAgent over Collab?

LiveAgent complaint management software provides over 180 features that help you increase customer satisfaction and customer retention, reduce customer churn, and improve agent workflows. Both our outbound and inbound call center software is reliable and its UI is easy to use even for less tech-savvy agents.

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