Helpdesk system

What is a helpdesk system?

A Help desk is a place, that is responsible for resolving different problems and queries. It can be operated by individuals or group of experts. They use a help desk software in order to provide assistance and answer technical questions. They communicate with customers through various channels such as phone, online chat or e-mail.

Help desk software offers you many functions and features – reports, gamification, live chat, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is helpdesk system?

The helpdesk system is a place of comprehensive customer service that ensures information is sent to customers who need help. It enables faster and more efficient resolution of customer complaints, thanks to the automatic process of dealing with complaints. It can be used both externally - for the company's clients, and internally - dedicated to employees.

What are the types of helpdesk system?

There are four main types of Helpdesks. The first is a web helpdesk, which is about cloud hosting or software as a service (SaaS), i.e. companies that can rent a subscription solution. Another kind is on premise helpdesk. It is used when the company owns and hosts the system and has full control of the support department. The third type is enterprise helpdesk, or helpdesk, which goes beyond answering customer inquiries, but also includes features that improve the company's performance. The last type is open source helpdesk. This type of helpdesk staff does not test user licenses or permissions to gain access to the source code.

How long does it take to implement helpdesk system?

The time it takes to implement the helpdesk depends on how long it will take you to determine how you will use technical support. In assessing the implementation time, you need to include: time to implement employees, time to create a technical helpdesk and planning how you will measure the efficiency of the helpdesk.

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