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Discover why LiveAgent is the best Birdeye alternative on the market.

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Fed up with your help desk software?

LiveAgent is here to help you get the best customer reviews and provide amazing customer service. Switch to a dedicated help desk solution with a multichannel ticketing system, the fastest live chat widget and social media capabilities. Handle emails, calls, social media messages, chats and customer portal articles from one place. Keep reading to find out what makes LiveAgent a great Birdeye alternative or start the free trial today.

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BirdEye vs LiveAgent at a glance

Live Chat✅Yes✅Yes
Call Center✅Yes❌No
Knowledge Base✅Yes❌No
Customer Forum✅Yes❌No
Automation and Rules✅Yes✅Yes
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ✅Yes❌No
Video Calls✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited History✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Websites✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Chat Buttons✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Tickets/Mails✅Yes✅Yes
Unlimited Call Recording✅Yes❌No
Unlimited 24/7 Support✅Yes✅Yes
Reports in Help desk software - LiveAgent

Create an amazing customer experience with powerful tools

Be present on every important communication channel, help your customers and gather positive customer feedback. This is possible thanks to LiveAgent’s powerful tools and ticketing system that unifies all communication in one place. Expand your online presence with email, live chat, call center, customer portal, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gain positive customer reviews with the right toolset

LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software

Get the fastest live chat for customer service

Say no to negative reviews, make sure to provide the fastest customer support thanks to a chat button placed on your website. LiveAgent offers the fastest live chat on the market, and it’s also backed up by great features such as real-time typing view and proactive chat invitations. Provide customer support with amazing speed, increase positive review generation and gain more loyal paying customers.

Live chat software notes in chat - LiveAgent

Get more loyal customers with our fast live chat

Time tracking feature in Ticketing software - LiveAgent

Create an integrated experience for your agents

LiveAgent backs up every tool with basic and advanced features so you can focus on providing customer support. Furthermore, you can improve your workflows with over 140 integrations with apps you use. Getting familiar with LiveAgent takes just a while thanks to our handy introduction guide available right from the start.

Pioneering software

Did you know?

Established in 2006, LiveAgent was the first solution on the market to offer live chat and help desk capabilities. As of 2021, LiveAgent is the best rated and most reviewed help desk solution on the market, serving over 150 million users and 40,000 businesses worldwide.


Generate more revenue

Create memorable customer experiences that boost revenue.


Improve satisfaction

Delight your customers with lightning-fast responses.


Boost customer value

Make more sales by keeping your customers loyal to your brand.

Save more with LiveAgent

Customer satisfaction is our key priority

Switch to software that has your back when you need it the most. Our customer success team does its best job 24/7 to ensure our customers will have a smooth experience with our help desk solution. That’s how we keep our business reputation intact. Have a look at our achievements and authentic reviews from customers who decided to start using LiveAgent for their help desk needs.

Chat invitation gallery in Live chat software - LiveAgent
Peter Komornik

LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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Live Agent

Ready to try our customer interaction tool?

Start our free 14-day trial and see how you can improve real-time interaction with customer live chat and the entire ticketing system. You can also have a look at our affordable pricing plans or get a tour of LiveAgent. Simply watch the video and see everything LiveAgent can do.

You Will Be in Good Hands!​

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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LiveAgent offers customer service software with VoIP phone systems, self-service software, and more. The integration with VoipTiger allows customers to connect their VoIP number with their LiveAgent call center for better customer experience and lower costs. The integration is free and the process is simple. LiveAgent also offers a 30-day free trial for testing the integration.

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Our support agents will gladly help you migrate your data from Novocall safely and effortlessly. Join LiveAgent today and provide better support.

Moving from Novocall to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers customer service software and VoIP phone systems to improve brand reputation and customer relationships. It focuses on personal connections, exceptional experiences, and turning buyers into brand advocates for sustainable business growth. It offers a 30-day free trial and is praised for speeding up communication, improving customer service, and boosting sales. It also offers significant savings, multiple language support, and various pricing plans. LiveAgent is a comprehensive help desk software with over 179 features and 40 integrations, and it is highly rated. It is a recommended alternative for businesses seeking to enhance customer experience. LiveAgent is a trusted help desk software with language adaptable widgets and multiple language support, with pricing starting at $9/month. It also offers a 30-day free trial. LiveAgent supports various communication channels, including email, live chat, call centers, customer portals, knowledge base, and social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber. It offers outstanding customer service 24/7 support from its agents and a ultimate help desk solution with more than 175 features and over 40 integrations. It provides language adaptable widgets, 43 different translations, and is free forever or with three paid plans. LiveAgent also offers a migration plugin for Novocall, allowing for the migration of agents, admins, end users, customers, department and ticket tags, tickets, and attachments.

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Provide support, keep up to date on tickets and do more with LiveAgent app for iOS. You can do it, even when you're away from your help desk.


LiveAgent is a versatile helpdesk software that offers integrated customer support through various channels including ticketing, live chat, social media, and voice helpdesk. They also provide tutorials and technical support, SSL security, and awards and certificates for their services. The software is easily accessible and they offer fail-proof tips to improve customer satisfaction to maintain a human connection. Additionally, LiveAgent offers pricing features, integrations, alternatives, and support portals to assist businesses with their customer service needs.

Are you moving from Pure Chat to LiveAgent? Our support agents and technical team will gladly help you migrate all of your data quickly and safely. All free of charge. Contact us today to discuss data migration.

Moving from Pure Chat to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers a variety of features for customer support, including ticketing, live chat, call center, social media integrations, and more. It adapts to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

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