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Journey mapping

What is journey mapping?

Journey mapping is an analytical process. It requires the owner or the manager to scrutinize all the customer touchpoints. Those reference points may be; self-service, online chat, FAQ page, or emails.

What is a touchpoint?

A customer touchpoint is the first point of contact with your brand/website.

What is the purpose of journey mapping?

The main purpose is to make the customer journey smooth and easy so it leads to your company’s goals. Usually, the goal is a sale. So, being aware of customer touchpoints helps you improve the process.

Customer experience is as important as the quality and cost of the product. Imagine your customers dropping in the middle of the purchasing journey. This can happen because the customer journey was confusing or too long. Thus, analyzing touchpoints is necessary to avoid poor customer experience. 

How do I make a journey map?

  • Create your UX (customer) persona 
  • Create a list of ways customer can reach your company (all the touchpoints)
  • Research and understand customers’ goals
  • Map out your customers’ journeys in detail 
  • Create easy flows – relevant touchpoints for your brand and customers

Do not forget to frequently update and check your customers’ journeys!

How can a journey mapping help with your customer service?

Let’s take a look at an example.

Your customer is unable to find specific information on your website. Later on, you find out it was because the touchpoints were not created effectively. Thus, the customer experience is poor and your customer service has more inquiries. As a company, you want to avoid these inquiries as much as possible. So, creating journey maps that are easy and effective will create fewer inquiries. 

But if you’re still experiencing a lot of customer inquiries. There are two ways to reduce information-based inquiries. The best and most optimal way is to create easily accessible FAQs. Another optimal way is to create Knowledge Base articles. In these articles, you can extensively explain important information the customers are seeking. This helps the company reduce unnecessary customer inquiries and improve the customer journey.

Read more about Knowledge base.

How can customer service software help with your customer journey mapping?

The customer journey mapping might give you an overview of possible errors happening. You can fix a lot of errors by adjusting your website’s design. But, sometimes that’s not enough. Nowadays, the most important thing is to be accessible to your customers on each platform. To do that, your agents need customer service software, such as LiveAgent. Features such as Live Chat can help customers finish a purchase on their journey. No need for bouncing back and forth in their purchasing journey.

What are the other benefits of customer service software?

  • Increased customer retention
  • Easy and effective communication
  • Live Chat, Calls, Email, Social Media inquiries in one software
  • Higher revenue
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agents’ satisfaction

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Frequently asked questions

What does journey mapping mean?

Journey mapping is a visualization of the process a specific person has to go through in order to achieve a specific goal. It begins with a juxtaposition of the user's actions on a timeline and is complemented by users' thoughts and emotions to create a narrative, which ultimately gives a visualization of the process. Customer Journey Mapping is a visual presentation of the purchasing process that the customer goes through.


What is the goal of journey mapping?

The purpose of journey mapping is to develop the best strategy for the specific goals you want to achieve or someone is about to achieve. It helps in determining priorities and the most important tasks that you must perform to achieve the goal. Each customer goes through a specific process from getting to know the product to making a purchase. Thanks to this, it is easier for companies and organizations to determine what they need to ensure for the process to be successful, i.e. the purchase decision and sale of the product.


What are the benefits of journey mapping?

Thanks to the journey mapping process, you have the opportunity to learn about the information, tools and processes that each of the teams operating in the company uses. It also allows you to put yourself in the buyer's place and easier to answer the question of what they need to make a purchase. In addition, it supports content marketing strategies. It suggests what content may be attractive. And most importantly - it allows you to predict the majority of customer behavior.


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