Satisfaction prediction scores

What are satisfaction prediction scores?

A Satisfaction Prediction Score is a measure of whether a ticket is likely to receive a positive or negative satisfaction rating, based on a predictive system built for specific accounts using past customer service and satisfaction ranking statistics.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define Satisfaction Prediction Scores?

Satisfaction Prediction Scores is an indicator that determines what features can make your client satisfied. It assesses whether the ticket is likely to receive a good or bad satisfaction rating. It serves as an early warning system. Thanks to this, you find out about a situation earlier and you can prevent it and guarantee customer satisfaction.


How are Satisfaction Prediction Scores calculated?

To calculate the results of the Satisfaction Prediction Scores, a specific, statistically significant number of assessments at a specific time is required. They should take into account all grades – both good and bad. The calculation takes into account: time indicators, e.g. first response time or full solution time, report text, load indicators, e.g. number of responses, reopening and reallocated tickets.


Does LiveAgent provide Satisfaction Prediction Scores?

LiveAgent provides Satisfaction Prediction Scores. This is a very important indicator in customer service, which definitely facilitates work and conducting effective activities.


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