What are metrics?

Metrics also called Reports are various types of measurements that can be helpful for you in order to see the current standings of your business. There are 3 main categories of metrics: time-based metrics, effort metrics, and agent activity metrics.

Time-based metrics provide you with data such as first reply time, requester wait time, or full resolution time. Effort metrics include the number of replies, reopened or reassigned tickets, and agent activity metrics concern online time, availability, and resolved tickets. You can also create custom metrics to track data of your highest interest.

Metrics can help you monitor your contact center’s productivity and track working hours of your employees. The goal of this process is to understand your contact center’s operations and improve any areas that may be underperforming.

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Frequently asked questions

What are metrics?

Metrics are measures of quantification. They are used to evaluate, compare and track performance or production. It is a group of metrics against which management or analysts regularly review to maintain ratings of performance, opinion, and business strategies.

What are the most common customer support metrics?

The most common customer service metrics are Ticket Volume, which is the number of notifications that measure the total number of calls in the help field. The next ones are  Average Problem Solving Time, Average Response Time, Average First Response Time, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Average Customer Service Time.

What metrics can you measure in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can measure clients and the work of agents. When it comes to customers, you can measure, among others Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Index, Customer Effort Score, Internal Quality Score, Customer Engagement, Customer Churn Rate, Customer Retention Rate, and Recommendation Rate. When it comes to agents, we can measure, among others ticket volume, number of contacts, service level, and ticket backlog.

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Expert note

Metrics are measurements used to evaluate and track performance or production. They're essential for any contact center to monitor productivity and improve underperforming areas.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Below is an overview of customer service and support metrics that can be tracked at your organization. Have a look at the overview and learn more.

Top 20 Customer Metrics To Measure

The given text discusses various operational and agent performance metrics used in customer service, such as open cases, request and contact volumes, resolution rate, service level, ticket backlog, and various times, and also provides FAQs on these metrics. The text stresses the importance of measuring customer service metrics and lists the customer churn rate and customer satisfaction score as examples. It also mentions related articles discussing benchmarks for customer service, customer effort score, customer service evaluation checklist, and customer service quality assurance checklist. The text ends with a promotional message for LiveAgent and a call to action.

Reports, or also called analytics, give you overall insights of what is happening in your account. LiveAgent offers extensive reporting.


Reports, also known as Analytics, are an essential component of helpdesk ticket software, providing insight into overall account activity. LiveAgent offers comprehensive reporting with exportable CSV files, including agent reports that feature charts and options for tags, messages, and more. There are various types of reports available, broken down by different time periods. LiveAgent also offers API access to generate channel reports and integrate with other project management tools. Customer service reporting is also available, with features such as tag reports and SLA compliance reports. LiveAgent provides insights into communication channels, including email, live chat, and social media messages, and offers integration with time tracking app Clockify.

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Customer service reporting

Customer service reports provide an overview of customer service requests and related activities, offering insights into team performance and areas for improvement. Regularly reviewing these reports is essential for improving business practices, products, and services while meeting customer needs and expectations. LiveAgent offers 11 customer service reporting features, including analytics overview, performance reports, agent rankings, tag reports, and SLA compliance reports. Additional features that help monitor customer service include email and Slack notifications, Twitter integration, and third-party integrations such as Nicereply. By reviewing customer service reports and analytics, businesses can improve their service, allocate resources more effectively, and identify areas for additional training.

Call center metrics are a necessary part of every business. Learn about the Top 12 call center KPIs to set better goals for your projects.

Top Call Center Industry Standard Metrics

Measuring call center metrics is critical to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of call center operations. This article lists and explains the top 12 call center KPIs to track for success and global best practices/standards. These include service level, average speed of answer, first call resolution, average handling time, and call duration. The industry standard for AHT is around 6 minutes and the global call metric duration is 4 minutes.

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