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5 Reasons Why Use Help Desk Software On Your Website

In the past years, customer support has become one of the crucial parts of business. When someone says providing “customer support” or having a “help desk”, many of you still might think that it means answering customers’ questions through emails. If you do so, you are wrong.

Current help desk software, such as LiveAgent, can handle all kinds of communication. Emails, calls, live chat, contact forms, Facebook messages and posts and also tweets can be managed within its web-based interface.

Some customers might contact you or request help more than once with different issues. Some might need help with their login information, some might need help setting up their accounts or some want to return the product they ordered. With the increasing number of your customers, the count of help requests – “tickets” will raise rapidly. You will have to start thinking about hiring more customer support agents to be able to answer all emails in time. Let’s say, you already have more than 1 support agent. How they manage to not answer same emails twice, how do they know who answered what ?

“LiveAgent assigns tickets to agents in a way, that two agents never answer the same request. Therefore, I can be 100% sure that my customer service expenditures are spent efficiently.” – Eshop owner.

When running a popular service or website, you will notice that some issues will be reported more than once(e.g. a bug in your system).

“Customer service software – LiveAgent can handle and manage requests with same issues. If we spot that an issue is reported frequently, we can prepare better for answering the customer and fixing the problem” – LiveAgent user

That brings me to continue and give you –

5 Reasons to use help desk software on your website:

1. Increased customer satisfaction

It is statistically proven that satisfied customer = happy customer = loyal customers. Providing accurate and fast customer service will drive your customer satisfaction rates way up.

2. Better ticket management

Let help desk software assign and distribute tickets to agents, see how the requests are processed and what’s the progress on each ticket. Control requests with similar issues. Stay on top on every help desk request coming in your system.

3. Managing your Knowledge Base

Keeping track of issues is useful when managing your own knowledge base.  Provide answers for repeated questions in your knowledge base topics and let your customers have customer support anytime they need it.

4. Monitor customer support agent performance

When using customer service software, it is easy to keep track of your employee’s work. Not only you can see how many tickets did your agent solve in a day, but you can also check the quality of his support. Do you ask how ? It’s simple, LiveAgent provides you with features such as agent feedback, which allows customers to one-click rate the quality of support they were given.

5. Keep track of every request

Last but not least, in my opinion the most important part in providing customer support is being everywhere, where your customers are. Help desk software LiveAgent keeps track of requests coming from everywhere  – emails, live chats, calls, contact forms, Facebook & Twitter – and transforms them into tickets. Also, tickets from various sources can be combined together into “hybrid tickets”

But wait. Using only help desk software might not cut it.

Email communication is undeniably an effective way to stay in touch with your customers. But is it enough in 2018? Probably not – in most cases, communication doesn’t stop when an email is answered. It’s usually the very first interaction with a potential customer. Chances are, that after an email, you will need to send a follow up email, have a live chat conversation or hop on a quick call which would require use of additional tools or software. LiveAgent’s advantage is that not only it offers superior helpdesk functionality, it also includes full live chat and call center feature stack. That way, you can provide a true, high level, end to end customer experience over all communication channels.

Would you like to step up your customer service game?

Try LiveAgent for free.

5 Reasons Why Use Help Desk Software On Your Website

Nikoleta Vajdova

Content Manager

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