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4 tips that will take your customer support to the next level

Andrej Csizmadia

Andrej Csizmadia

Last modified on November 22, 2021 at 2:48 pm

In today’s flood of great products and amazing startups, many companies need to stand out among their competitors. And as we know that retaining customers costs less than attracting new ones, customer support might be just the right way to kill two birds with one stone. Showing extra care for your customers will not just improve your relationships with them — it will make your support outstanding, your company prominent and your customers will remember “that sweet person who helped them out” for a long time. And they might tell their friends how amazed they were that you went an extra mile for them.

Not sure where to start? Consider these four tips to take your customer support to the next level.

1. Two negatives don’t make a positive

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Rule of thumb – ‘I can’t’, ‘I won’t’, and ‘I don’t’ should never be a part of your vocabulary. Throw out the negatives and always stay positive. Remember – the customer’s not calling you because he’s bored, but because he’s stressed, confused, and quite possibly you’re his one last glimmer of hope in this dark and lonely world of 2017. I repeat, always stay positive! You don’t know how to soft reboot the customer’s new iPhone? Well then you can connect him to someone who does. You will help him get all of his questions answered. And you do know how to make his day just a little bit better.

2. Adaptation

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Charles Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest of species that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change.” And how right he was. Customers are not all made the same. Each one is a unique individual with his or her own rhythm of life and outlook on every single possible thing. As a customer support agent it is your duty and obligation to make each one of these individuals feel as if they’re calling a close friend from high school, or their neighbour from across the street. Adapt to your customer: his language, his tone, his mannerisms, his accent, even his speech rate – these are all details that can add to (or detract from) the customer support experience. Make sure you’re always making your customers feel as close to home as possible.

3. Agents of Shield

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No, not the superheroes. I’m talking about the customer support agents that day in and day out swallow their pride and take the blame for everything that they’ve never even done. The customer is always right – even when he says it’s all your fault. Setting up an emotional shield is step number 1 to keeping yourself sane, especially when that latest update just happened to format the data on all of your customer’s phones. (Yikes) Be patient and never let your emotions get into the mix. It’s just part of the job – you’re the face of the company and therefore you’ve got to take the fall. Most importantly, always remember that it’s up to you to make that angry customer into a happy client. I guess customer support agents are superheroes after all.

4. Make it personal

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Want to really blow them out of the water? After helping your customers solve an especially difficult issue, follow it up by sending them a personalized card thanking for their patience and perseverance. It’ll take a bit of extra effort, but in the end, the smile you put on that person’s face will be well worth it. You can bet that he’ll bring you up the next time he’s talking with his buddies at the office, or you might just be the topic of the next family dinner. Either way it just goes to show that sometimes a small sign of gratitude can go a long way.

These 4 are just the cream of the crop and there’s a lot more where that came from, but no matter which tip appeals to you the most, always remember – stay strong, stay patient, and stay positive!

Daria Leshchenko

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Daria Leshchenko

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