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Customer success software for better customer experience

Great customer success software enables you to provide great customer support. Our all-in-one solution allows you to focus on building new relationships with your customers because it focuses on personalization, speed, and utility.

LiveAgent customer engagement software enables you to combine all of your customer communication channels into a single unified inbox that everyone in your company can access. This allows every staff member to see all customer interactions in one place and empowers agents to start building relationships with your customers.

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Why you need customer success software

The key to success in customer service is having a great relationship with your customers. In order to achieve that, it’s important to make a habit of responding to customer queries quickly, effectively, and in a personalized manner. However, many online businesses face challenges when it comes to managing their help desk queries, which in turn prevents them from providing effective responses.

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The following problems are the most frequently reported when managing help desk queries

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Lost emails

Most email clients out there make it difficult to work within a shared inbox, as they were not created with collaboration in mind. For example, when working with Outlook, you could be erasing a co-worker’s work without them even knowing it and vice versa. As a result, important emails can easily get lost, overlooked or even deleted. With LiveAgent, all of your staff will have access to a shared inbox, making it easy for teams to collaborate.

Late replies

It’s not a good policy to keep your customers waiting as they can get frustrated. However, this is often the reality of customer service. This is especially true for organizations with large support teams, as it’s easy to overlook important emails until it’s too late.

However, with LiveAgent you can set up reminders to follow up on high priority emails. As a result, your team will always catch important emails before it is too late.

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Difficulties collaborating

If you have a large customer service team, it can be difficult for everyone to collaborate using traditional email inboxes. For example, if team members go away on vacation and they receive important messages, they can get lost or forgotten.

The solution? LiveAgent gives you a shared company inbox that enables your staff to share the workload of unavailable agents.

Performance management

Without a shared system for managing customer communication, it’s extremely difficult to assess your customer support performance. With LiveAgent, you can monitor all the messages flowing between your team and your customers. You can easily spot issues or reward team members that provide your customers with excellent service.

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Meet LiveAgent - The customer success platform

Track queries and respond to them

LiveAgent gives all of your team members an easy way to track customer queries and respond to them. It integrates all forms of customer communication into one seamless piece of software.

Multi-channel solution for your business

Whether your customers contact you via call center, live chat, social media, or through email, LiveAgent’s got you covered so your staff can continuously monitor customer communications.

Communicate effectively with LiveAgent

The key to customer success is communication, and LiveAgent provides you and your team with the tools you need to communicate effectively.

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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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Advanced features

LiveAgent provides many tools that can have a dramatic impact on your team’s performance, and on your customer service success. Together these tools allow your staff to seamlessly communicate with your customers across multiple channels.

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The best value for your money

Our customer success software has the highest ratings in the sector and outperforms other customer service softwares that are more expensive and provide far less features.

Mobile help desk application

Ensuring customer success means offering your customers a multi-channel experience. That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated, native app for both Android and iOS that integrates seamlessly with your web client.

Even if your staff are away from their desk, they can continue to interact with your customers via email, telephone, and social media– all on their app. The outcome? Every important message will receive a speedy reply.

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Fully multilingual

Our customer success software is used worldwide and comes with full to partial multilingual support. It offers 40+ app languages and allows you to fully customize every special letter or letter accent in the application.

This empowers your staff to use their native language when responding to customer queries and requests and means that your customers can seek help in their own language.

Features you need

Our intuitive ticketing system lets you see all of your customer interactions at a glance, and allows you to automate many common customer service tasks. Your staff can instantly swap between different forms of communication, and you can tailor your customer experience to the specific needs of your sector by building contact forms and bespoke support centers.

LiveAgent is continually improving and developing new features. LiveAgent already provides more than 179+ help desk features and over 40 integrations.

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Over 21,000 businesses can't be wrong

LiveAgent is trusted by some of the biggest and most prestigious companies in the world. Read our success stories and testimonials to find out how LiveAgent can help you to achieve customer success, ensure customer loyalty, and take your customer support to the next level.

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LiveAgent adapts to your business

LiveAgent provides a powerful customer success tool for both new and existing companies. If you are just starting a business, it will allow you to quickly build a customer base and build loyalty among your clients. If you are an established company looking to take your customer experience to the next level, integrating all of your customer communications channels into one centralized system will allow your staff to communicate with your customers far more easily and effectively. 

We’ve designed LiveAgent as an agile customer service solution, and our free customer management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. No matter what sector you are in, or how big your company is, we can help you build better communications with your customers.

What is customer success software?

Customer success software will help you and your team to manage interactions with your customers. LiveAgent is a SaaS solution that brings all of your communications into one seamless system.

Your customers use a variety of ways to reach out like email, phone, messengers or live chat so keeping all communication in one place helps your customer service agents understand customer issues better, and answer faster. LiveAgent also secures your internal communications so that you can keep sensitive customer data safe.

Customer service success is the key to building a successful business and a strong eCommerce community. Customer success software can dramatically improve the way that you communicate with your customers. Not only will your staff be able to reach customers across multiple channels, but you can also monitor your customer service performance.

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How to choose the right customer success software

The marketplace for customer success software is crowded, but each vendor will offer you a different set of tools. As with any purchasing decision, your needs for customer success software will depend on your industry sector, the size of your business, and your personal needs.

Most software providers offer basic features that include ticketing, live chat or an analytical dashboard. Those that are more advanced have automation, multiple knowledge base support systems or a different collaboration toolkit. 

With LiveAgent we went a step further. We built call center software right into our platform, allowing you to effortlessly swap between telephone calls and other forms of communication. LiveAgent also supports social media messages directly from the native dashboard, where you can respond to social media messages as well. Our unique ticketing system brings every form of communication into one place.

Customer success software comparison

With so many options on the market, choosing a customer success software can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve built LiveAgent to be as agile as possible. If you only have one customer support team member, no problem: LiveAgent will keep all of the messages organized. If you have a large team dealing with customer queries, LiveAgent will allow them to collaborate and give your customers the best experience possible.

LiveAgent offers all these features through an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn, and from which you can see key metrics indicating how well you are serving your customers. Using LiveAgent is a bargain, as you get all these useful features for the price of an average dinner for two.

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LiveAgent is a highly recommended customer support platform that provides quick solutions and improves communication with customers. It helps categorize tickets, tracks client needs, empowers agents, and increases customer satisfaction and sales. Many businesses have had positive experiences with LiveAgent, reporting faster response times and improved support experiences. It is also reasonably priced and easy to use, with great functionality and reporting features.

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LiveAgent improves customer satisfaction with multi-channel customer engagement platform. Take a look at LiveAgent's benefits and see for yourself.

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LiveAgent offers a fully-featured customer engagement platform with a universal inbox, gamification features to reward hard-working customer service staff, and powerful reporting systems. LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020, offering a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. Eva Kianickova, Head of Customer Service, attests to LiveAgent making customer support a million times easier with a 26% faster response time. Try LiveAgent today to keep your customers happy and engaged.

LiveAgent customer communication management software will provide personalized, quick, and knowledgeable service to your customers. Try it for free.

Your customer communication management software at first glance.

In 2019, 41% of consumers switched companies due to poor personalization, while 48% spent more when their experience was personalized. Moreover, 74% of people disliked irrelevant content. To meet customer expectations, companies need customer communication management software that delivers personalized and relevant communications. LiveAgent's software unifies contact channels and ensures cross-channel consistency, enabling highly personalized customer experiences.

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