Free Help Desk Software

Improve your customer interactions with forever free LiveAgent plan. With unlimited free agents, emails, live chats, calls & contact forms you will be ready to keep your customers always happy and loyal.

Your tickets no longer get lost or forgotten while having all communication from multiple support channels neatly sorted in one universal inbox.

What's included in LiveAgent Free Plan:

Free Live Chat

Free Ticketing System

Free Call Center

Free Knowledge Base

Free Unlimited Agents

Benefits of Free Help Desk Solution

Implement free help desk software in your business and gain these advantages

Quicker Response Times

Help Desk features help you minimize the total time spent on resolving a customer problem.

Point of Contact

Your support team can handle all customer requests from multiple channels in one place.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Maintain valuable relationships with your loyal & new customers.

Improved Productivity of your Agents

By managing all support channels in one place, your agents spend less time on resolving issues.

OK, You've Seen the Benefits,
but What's the Catch?

We want companies to signup to our free LiveAgent plan, use the basic help desk features but at the same time we need limits in place to reduce misuse. Therefore we can help smaller businesses to grow and potentially upgrade to our non-limited plans with a full stack of features.

Limits of the Free LiveAgent Plan:

7-day Ticket History

You won't be able to see all messages that are older than 7 days.

ONE Integration

No more than one email address, live chat button, phone number, contact form.

No Social Accounts

No integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Missing Features

Multiple features, automations, rules are restricted in this plan.

To keep your free LiveAgent plan active, login to your account at least once every 21 days, otherwise your account will be automatically suspended.
You can upgrade your free subscription anytime to receive unlimited ticket history, more features, and no limits on number of live chat buttons, email addresses, phone numbers and contact forms.

Fair Use Policy

We want to ensure that all our customers can enjoy and successfully utilize our service regardless of any conditions.
If some customers use so much data or violate rules that it might affect other users, we may contact
such contraveners and discuss changing their usage and limits or cancel their accounts.
We also reserve the right to change the account limits without prior notice.

List of Features Included in the Free Plan

Free LiveAgent plan is limited and doesn't include all ticketing and help desk features, like automations, rules, SLAs, social accounts and advanced reports... Check & compare which features are included or missing in the free plan.

Free Account

7-day ticket history

Limited integrations

No social accounts

Missing features

Paid Account

Starts at $15 /mo

Ticket history is not limited

More available features

Is Free Help Desk Software Right For You?

We understand that if you're starting a new business, sometimes it's hard to make a financial investment in help desk software in the early stage. That's why we provide a free help desk plan that covers the main support channels and ticketing features. 

LiveAgent will help your team to work more efficiently so you can save time and attract new customers by providing customer support on all communication channels.

Free Live Chat Tool

Engage with your website visitors before they leave your site. Help them with the buying process and discover their pain points.

Are you ready to use live chat to increase your revenue and reduce churn?

Free Ticketing System

One interface for managing all communication channels. Receive all your customer support requests from different channels and handle them from one shared inbox. Each customer request is transferred into a ticket, making it easier for agents to resolve issues quicker and more effectively.

Free Call Center

Add your phone number to LiveAgent and start calling and receiving phone calls via browser, hardware phone or mobile apps. Store unlimited call recordings in LiveAgent, it can help you with legal headaches and thereby secure the reputation of your company.

Free Knowledge Base

When you setup a knowledge base, your customers can find their own solutions without contacting your support team. That's why your agents can take an advantage from these situations and spend more time focusing on urgent and crucial issues.

By creating a forum you can build a community with your customers that can help each other. Feedback & Suggestions feature allows you to collect important feedback and new ideas from your customers. They can even vote for the best entries.

You Will Be in Good Hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, O2 and Oxford University have in common? Guess right.. LiveAgent!

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