Social support

What is social support?

When you offer customer service on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, something is referred as providing Social Support. Social Support is essential for some brands or B2C ecommerce businesses where customers are millennials and are used to modern ways of getting touch with your support team.

Integrating your Facebook page and Twitter handle into LiveAgent are an easy task and after a couple of minutes you can be fully equipped to provide Social Support. All tweets with specific keywords or including your handle will be automatically transformed into tickets so your agents can answer them as they come into the Queue.

Same goes with Facebook comments and private messages to your Facebook pages. Both are transformed into Tickets so your Agents don’t have to be constantly logged on Facebook to reply them, instead, they can keep working in 1 application (LiveAgent) and answer to regular tickets along.

Frequently asked questions

What does social support mean?

Social support is offering customer service through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social media is a very important communication channel, therefore offering such support is very good for the company in terms of image and helps to ensure customer satisfaction.


Is social support important for businesses?

Social support is extremely important for business, especially for brands whose main target group is the Y and Z generation, i.e., people who are used to modern ways of communicating through social media. Social media is of great importance in image building, and also has an impact on the level of customer satisfaction.


Does LiveAgent enable you to provide social support?

LiveAgent allows you to provide social support. The software can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. All tweets with certain keywords can be turned into tickets for agents to respond to. The same thing happens with messages that arrive on Facebook pages. This is a great simplification and automation of work for agents who do not need to be logged in to social media.


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