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Create intricate knowledge bases for customers and agents with just a few clicks using automated online help documentation software.

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Knowledge base software by LiveAgent

Build a knowledge base and support documentation with ease

Numerous studies indicate that most of today’s consumers would rather find information online and solve issues on their own rather than call customer support. With LiveAgent’s online help documentation software, you can easily create a comprehensive knowledge base with support documentation to enable self-service 24/7.

Provide your customers with knowledge on the fly whenever they need it most – and without requiring direct assistance from your agents. With LiveAgent you can successfully reduce the workload for your team and satisfy your customers at the same time. Discover the best practices and strategies for how to build a knowledge base database that meets the needs of your customers.

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What is support documentation?

Support documentation provides official information explaining the use, functionality, creation, or architecture of a company’s product or service. It can include anything from the basic ‘how-to’ user guides to the advanced technical tutorials in your knowledge base. Knowledge base management software can help streamline the process of creating, organizing, and updating support documentation, making it easier for teams to access the information they need and for customers to find answers to their questions.

Support documentation is created for customers, support agents, and anyone else on your team who needs to know the ins and outs of how your product or service works. In particular, online help documentation and support is a must-have for SaaS and tech companies that are selling complex software solutions.

Key benefits of having well-written customer support documentation

Thorough support documentation delivers business benefits at multiple levels. On top of that, it’s essential for both your customers and your support agents.

Support your agents and teams

Knowledge base documentation is essential for your support team. With everything neatly documented, your agents will always have the right information at hand to provide quick and consistent answers for your customers.

Improve customer satisfaction

Consumers increasingly prefer self-service over human interaction. A comprehensive knowledge base and support documentation empowers your customers to fix problems before they even have to ask for help.

Become an authority in your niche

By offering your customers a reliable, accurate, relevant, and comprehensive source of information about your products or services, you can build better brand authority and earn more customers’ trust.

Empower your customers and support team with the right knowledge

With LiveAgent’s knowledge base and online help documentation software, you can consolidate all your support documentation in a centralized knowledge base and make it easily accessible to everyone who needs it.

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Powerful WYSIWYG editor

With a powerful WYSIWYG visual editor, creating, editing, and formatting your knowledge base and support documentation has never been easier. You can add images, videos, tables, and other visuals to ensure your content is appealing, engaging and easily consumed.

Internal support documentation

Build an internal knowledge base with essential documentation that will be visible only to your support team. Provide agents with instant access to the right information and enable them to resolve customer issues quickly without having to waste hours in search of solutions.

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Multi knowledge base

Set up an unlimited number of knowledge bases, one for each of your brands, products, services or departments – all in a single LiveAgent account. Each knowledge base is completely separate and will have its own unique design, settings, and content. 

Attachments in articles

Supplement your support documentation with additional helpful resources by attaching downloadable files to your knowledge base articles. Make your content even more informative and valuable, and help customers dig deeper into the topics of their interest.

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Search widget with suggestions

Help your customers and your support team to easily and effortlessly navigate around your knowledge base documentation by enabling a search widget that automatically suggests relevant content in real-time based on the keywords typed into the search bar.

Rich customization options

Make sure your knowledge base documentation matches your brand style with a range of settings and customization options. You can change the logo, title, select a theme, define your colors, insert your own HTML and custom CSS or add tracking codes.

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There’s a whole lot more at LiveAgent

Keep all your customer communications in a single place and enable self-service support. Easily handle tickets, emails, chats, calls, and social media messages with an all-in-one unified customer support solution.

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Customer self-service portal

In addition to building support documentation, you can set up a complete self-service portal where customers can submit and manage their tickets, share feedback, and interact with each other in a community forum.

Support ticket management

From smart ticket distribution, workflow automation rules, and easy responsibility management —  to canned responses, SLAs, robust reporting and team collaboration tools – LiveAgent provides a full range of ticketing features.

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Real-time live chat

Provide instant customer support with live chat. Our chat widget is the fastest on the market and includes both basic and advanced features, such as chat routing, proactive chat invitations, visitor monitoring, and much more.

Built-in call center software

LiveAgent comes with a cloud-based built-in call center and allows you to integrate with any VoIP provider. Receive calls from landline phones or right from your website (both voice and video) with no extra per-minute charges.

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Social media channel management

Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to streamline all your social media channels into one inbox. Easily monitor and reply to all messages, comments and brand mentions from a single dashboard without having to go back and forth between different social accounts.

Why LiveAgent? Over 30,000 businesses can’t be wrong

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More than support documentation

We combined ticketing, chat, voice and video, social media, and self-service support in a single tool.

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Most reviewed and #1 rated

LiveAgent has been the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software solution for SMBs in 2019-2020. 

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Over 15 years on the market

We’ve been providing our customer support system to businesses across various industries since 2004.

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Feature-rich and scalable

LiveAgent is packed with 180+ features, 40+ integrations, and can be customized to fit your requirements.

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Pick a plan that suits your needs best

With 4 subscription plans to choose from and fully transparent and fair pricing, LiveAgent can benefit any business– no matter the size or the industry you operate in. Start a free 30-day trial to test it out and see how it can enhance your customer support experience.

You Will Be in Good Hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 have in common? You guessed right… LiveAgent!

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Slack notifications

LiveAgent offers customer service software, including VoIP phone systems and help desk software. They provide demo, pricing, and integration options.

LiveAgent customer service webinar focuses on multi-channel help desk solution. Live chat, ticketing software, live chat, built-in call center and much more are included. LiveAgent free trial is available for a limited time.

Learn all about LiveAgent with webinars

LiveAgent is a comprehensive customer service software for the retail industry. It offers automated ticketing, real-time interactions, and integrations with social media channels. It helps improve customer relationships and communication, with email notifications playing a crucial role in customer support. LiveAgent also provides features for improving marketing reputation, reducing lost tickets, and increasing productivity levels. The software is highly rated and trusted by major companies, offering over 175 features, language support, and a free trial.

Looking to migrate from LiveChat to LiveAgent? Join companies like Huawei, BMW, Yamaha and O2 in providing world class support.

Looking to move from LiveChat to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is praised by customers for speeding up communication, improving customer service, and boosting sales. It has been used by well-known companies such as Huawei and BMW. Migrating from other solutions is possible.

The customer portal helps your company operate 24/7. Read and learn more about LiveAgent's Customer portal and its features.

Customer portal features

LiveAgent is a customer support software with features like ticketing and live chat. It emphasizes starting with the basics and highlights the benefits of help desk ticketing and direct customer communication. LiveAgent also offers customizable ticket fields and is used by well-known companies.

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